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XenomatiX XenomatiX Road Data

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XenomatiX is digitalizing the world’s roads using an automotive-grade LiDAR. The results are highly accurate and dense digital twins that can be used for reliability analysis of cars, suspensions, and other mechanical systems.

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XenomatiX Road Data is used in the development or optimization of new chassis and suspensions to evaluate how mechanical systems perform in a real-world scenario. Chassis and suspension teams can validate their virtual models using the digital version of the same roads that are used for vehicle tests. XenomatiX LiDAR data are even used to feed real-time profiles for active and predictive suspensions.  
The real-time digitalization of roads enables the test engineers to collect road profiles during physical test drives, allowing the real-time analysis of how the system is reacting to specific road conditions and sharing the data with the simulation department to verify the virtual models. Several EV developers are using XenomatiX Road Data during the full platform development lifecycle, from the concept design to the vehicle validation. 

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