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Wavex is a radar-based sensor for wave, current and speed through water measurements. The dry-mounted sensor eliminates the costly and time-consuming maintenance associated with in-water equipment and delivers highly accurate real-time data undisturbed by air bubbles, turbulence or other interference caused by vessel motion. Wavex can be interfaced with existing marine X-band radar and calibrates automatically. Access real-time wave, current and STW data anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Wavex® is a dry sensor that leverages X-band navigation radar technology for surface current measurements. The sensor delivers highly accurate real-time data undisturbed by air bubbles, turbulence or other interferences caused by vessel motion. Wavex does away with the time- and cost-related challenges of installing and maintaining underwater equipment and can be interfaced with existing marine X-band radar without any need for calibration.

The Wavex® system measures sea state from digitized sea clutter images provided by a marine X-band radar operated in short pulse mode. The radar backscatter from the sea surface is modulated by gravity waves, giving wave-like patterns in the images. The modulation is related to three mechanisms, namely tilt modulation, hydrodynamic modulation, and shadowing. Grazing angles in the range of 1 to 10 degrees are recommended to achieve an appropriate radar image contrast Cartesian sections are extracted from the radar images for further processing and data from the Cartesian sections are combined into one directional wave spectrum. A minimum wind speed of 1 – 2 m/s must be present for Wavex® to record wave and current data. Recommended radar antenna mounting height is 15 – 100 meters above the sea.

Miros also offers Speed Through Water by Wavex, a breakthrough for fuel optimisation in the shipping industry with the potential to reduce daily fuel consumption by tons per day.

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Year of initial development


Year of latest version


Operating System


Area of Application

Merchant and Special Vessels, OSVs and OCVs, Coastal Monitoring, Offshore oil and gas.

Type of wave recorder


Direction wave or non-directional

Direction Wave

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Wave height, directional waves/directional currents, multiple wave

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Directional Wave and Current data, Directional Wave Spectrum

Output data format

NMEA-0183 and various other





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