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Inertial Labs Velodyne RESEPI

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Engineered for partners and resellers in the remote sensing industry, the Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, or RESEPI, is a combined Dual Antenna GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System, datalogger, Lidar, camera and communications system that allows for the real-time and post-processed generation of Point Cloud solutions. The processing platform contains a Wi-Fi interface, embedded cellular modem to support RTCM corrections, data logging software and gigabit Ethernet.

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RESEPI can be used with commercially available Lidars like Velodyne, Quanergy, Ouster, RIEGL, Livox, Hesai. The device was built with the purpose of white-labelling.

Your Logo can be placed on all software: Lidar calibration software, Bore-sighting software, Point Cloud Software, web-interfaces, and hardware. All components are mounted into one compact and light-weight enclosure.

RESEPI is completely modular. You can supply the GNSS receiver. You can supply the Lidar. We provide everything for assembling, calibrating, and bore-sighting RESEPI. This allows you to maintain existing relationships and meet local production requirements. You have full control for customization.

RESEPI is also a complete remote sensing solution, including Lidar, all required cables, mounting brackets, vibration isolator, Lidar Calibration, Bore-sighting, Post-Processing (PPK) and Point Cloud software. Value-Added Resellers can focus on growing their business rather than developing the payload product. We will support and grow the product together to meet the market requirements, with a commitment to supplying the best price/performance solution to our Business Partner.

Providing Actionable Lidar Point Cloud Deliverables

How To Build A Cost-Efficient Remote Sensing Lidar Payload using an Inertial Navigation System

RESEPI Complete Lidar & RGB Payload Solution

Inertial Labs RESEPI Can Be Integrated with the Recently Released Livox Avia Lidar Scanner

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Additional information

Year of last update


Gyroscopes Bias In-Run stability [deg p hr]



Inertial Labs

39959 Catoctin Ridge Street

20129 Paeonian Springs

United States


Inertial Labs

Distinguishable features

Low-cost, multi-platform

Training, maintanence and support


Main applications

UAV-based and mobile mapping, surveying, inspection

Included software

PCMasterGL, PCPainterGL, Boresighting Software, 1st year PPK Software Support License Included

Max. storage space [mb]


Type of storage


Camera specifications

Foxtech Map01 (Sony A5100)

Camera included

Yes, Optional

Requirements for compatible UAVs

DJI M210, M300, M600, FreeFly and other UAS


Cross-platform mounting options available, SkyPort, AltaX and other mounting systems

Type of INS or IMU

Inertial Labs INS-D, Tactical Grade IMU

Year of introduction


Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured


Typical positioning accuracy [cm]


Type of GNSS positioning sensors

NovAtel OEM7720

Number of GNSS positioning sensors


Laser Class

Multiple commercially available scanners supported

Type of battery


Power requirements


Power consumption


Water and dust proof


Weight [kg]


Width [cm]


Length [cm]


Height [cm]