Recently, the new stock video platform Ungraded was launched. Through the platform, drone video clips of high quality can be found. Customers can reuse the video clips based on a simple license. The proceeds are shared 50/50 with the makers. To support novice drone pilots, the initiators make a number of tutorials available via the platform.

Offering unused droneshots

Ungraded was founded by Jan Kuppens (digital product designer) and Roy de Ruiter (filmmaker/drone pilot). De Ruiter: “The idea for the platform arose after I converted my video production company to the drone production company Drone Chiefs. More and more often I was asked if I would like to sell existing drone images. Jan then came up with the idea to start a stock platform for drone images.”

The premise of Ungraded is that drone pilots can monetize previously unused drone shots. Kuppens: “The idea is that there are many pilots who still have a lot of unused material on the shelf. They can easily upload those shots to Ungraded. We offer pilots an international platform for extra income.”

Gray and flat files

The name Ungraded was not chosen by chance. De Ruiter: “Our customers are mainly filmmakers, so we looked at their needs. What filmmakers especially like is that we deliver the images ungraded, so was the name Ungraded. Ungraded means that the contrast and saturation are not ingrained with the images. You will receive a gray and flat file where you can add all the colors yourself, which gives much more flexibility. In addition, we deliver the images in high resolution (at least 4K) and we have a super simple licence, what we call. There is one license where you can use the images for almost anything.”

In addition to the sale of stock video material, there will also be a platform section dedicated to training and education. “We’d like to connect more with the drone community, so we’ve chosen to create tutorials as well. In order to support novice drone pilots with their skills,” says De Ruiter.

Sign up

The founders of Ungraded are looking for drone pilots that have the right papers to create images for commercial end users. Pilots must have at least a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

The image must be supplied in a flat profile (Cinelike-D/D-Log). In addition, one must also provide a graded version. For this, the platform makes luts available. Interested parties can register via this form.