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Quantum-Systems GmbH Trinity F90+ eVTOL fixed-wing UAV

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The Trinity F90+ UAV delivers aerial data in a highly automated, safe and efficient way – enhancing decision-making processes in various industries.
Its performance parameters combined with ease of operation and an unbeatable ROI make the Trinity F90+ an outstanding mapping drone for professionals in the market.

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The Trinity F90+ combines the convenient handling of a copter with the efficient aerodynamics and performance of a fixed-wing UAS. The result is a mapping drone meeting the highest demands on efficiency. The survey grade accuracy and versatile application possibilities make the Trinity F90+ an unbeatable tool for surveyors around the globe.

Whether in the agricultural sector, in the mining business or when inspecting construction sites, more data can be recorded in a given time than ever before.

The Trinity F90+ can fly 90 minutes and longer, carrying various precision sensors of up to 700g in a plug & play mode. Flying long corridors or mapping areas of 700 hectares with just one flight are daily use cases for the Trinity F90+.   

All this without compromising on user-friendliness and operational safety.

3D planning, monitoring and post-processing of a mission has never been easier. With QBase 3D we provide a flight planning and mission control platform that guides you through every single step of the workflow.

Belly landings are a thing of the past. We unconditionally rely on vertical take-off and landing to expand the lifetime of the UAS and the sensor while reducing risk for the operator.

Trinity F90+ and QBase 3D master frequent changes in the fields of application. We provide a wide range of fully integrated survey grade sensors for the Trinity F90+. All payloads are plug & play and can be changed within seconds.

The Trinity F90+ provides a more competitive return on Investment than any other mapping UAS in the market.

It is a high-performance UAS with great mission efficiency at a very attractive pricing. Included is an entry level GNSS base station (iBASE) – all this, translates into an extremely competitive ROI of our Trinity F90+.


Additional information

Year of last update




Autonomous emergency landing


Type of IMU

3x individual IMUs (properitary)

Correction services [PPK, RTK]


Onboard imaging/scanning devices

RGB Camera, Lidar, Additional sensors

Type of Camera

RGB (Sony UMC-R10C, Sony RX1 RII), Multispectral (MicaSense Altum and RedEdge-MX), LiDAR Scanner Qube 240, Thermal

Type of Lidar

Qube 240

Additional Sensors and additional information

The payload compartment is available as open source and can be adjusted to every sensor that does not exceed the dimensions and a max, weight of 700 g, The compartment with sensors integrated can easily be swapped in seconds by using the Quick Lock mechanism, No tools are required, Access to the data is made easy, data is stored on SD Card.

Build-in Stablilsation


Sensor tilting to allow oblique views


Training provided


Ground computer included


Sensor control


Type of software included

Flight planning

Flight planning software

QBase 3D

Additional information on software or automatically generated products

QBase 3D automatically generates efficient flight paths after the flight area and the mission parameters have been defined with a few clicks, During flight mode, QBase 3D provides accurate information on aircraft and mission status to ensure flight safety and mission success, After mission completion, QBase 3D enables processing of the captured images, precision enhancement with the built-in PPK solution and export of all metadata to file formats suitable for a variety of platforms for further post-processing.

Transportation accessories

The Trinity is delivered in a rugged transport case with enough space to accommodate all accessories (up to 3 battery packs), the charger, RC, telemetry modem, laptop and the UAV itself, Case dimensions, 1002 x 830 x 270 mm.

Included batteries and charger

1 Battery and charger are included

More included products and spare parts

telemetry modem, remote controller, 1 x battery pack, + battery charger, PPK, iBase reference GNSS station, anti-collision-lights

Collision avoidance systems (CAS)


Automatic launch and landing


Typical applications

Surveying, GIS Services, Mining & Aggregates, Construction & Infrastructure, Utilities & Energy, Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring, Forestry, Research & Education, Emergency Services


Elapor foam

Product Name

Trinity F90+




Quantum-Systems, Quantum-Systems GmbH

Max. payload [kg]


Max. stay in the air [min]


Max. speed [km/h]


Max. height above sea level [m]




Weight (with cooling fan)

5, 0 kg max, take-off weight

ø / wingspan [cm]


Launching method


Weight [kg]


Weight of battery [kg]


Number of rotors


Transport on human back


Min. operation temperature [°C]


Max. operation temperature [°C]


Max. wind speed [m/sec]


Max. humidity [%]


Min. ø of launch/landing site [m]



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