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Topcon Topcon RD-M1 Scanner

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• Fully automated system with GNSS and Sonic Tracker control
• Delivers accurate thickness boundaries while maintaining projected yield
• Eliminates the need for strings, skis, and lasers
• Easy surface data management and design
• Safely scan at driving speed without lane closures

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Real surface data, at speed

The RD-M1 scanner collects a constant stream of data as you drive, delivering precise surface conditions. You can quickly scan miles of road in short time, without the need for costly lane closures or re-work.

With this revolutionary solution, normal traffic conditions continue uninterrupted – dramatically saving time, eliminating the need to close lanes, and increasing the safety of your crew.

The sophisticated design works seamlessly with an integrated HiPer SR GNSS receiver as well as an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to accurately capture point data while traveling at speed. Cruising at normal highways speeds, your data is automatically timestamped and instantly stored for the next step of easy management and point cloud generation.


  • Downward facing LIDAR scanner for optimal road surface definition
  • Scan at speed without lane closures
  • Collect millions of points safely from the cab of the truck
  • Scan rates up to 100 times per second
  • Easy installation and removal for daily use
  • Graphical software for intuitive processing

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Additional information

Distinguishable features

• Identify existing asphalt surface profiles • Eliminate guesswork and bid your job accurately • Increase productivity and mill only what’s necessary • Mill one time and deliver a smooth surface for a perfect paving job • Quickly scan roads to generate a model of the existing surface • Create a design to meet smoothness expectations • Manage materials to stay within acceptable yields • Reduces the number of lifts required to reach the finish design • Maximize productivity while reducing manpower, equipment hours, and overhead

Main applications

RD-M1 Scanner is perfect for, Milling Asphalt Paving





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