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Topcon Tierra is a powerful web application that enhances the control and visibility of your vehicles or machines with a set of specific reports about their status, maintenance, and remote diagnostics. You can easily avoid risks in terms of unauthorized use of assets, thefts, unscheduled jobs and unexpected movement. Our solution is made of a powerful device to provide localization features and data logger capabilities with worldwide coverage (GPRS, 3G, CDMA).

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Visibility to Remote Assets 24/7 Anywhere in the World

• Reduce fuel costs and emissions

• Improve machine security

• Optimize maintenance

• Manage equipment utilization

Reduce cost and improve productivity

Telematics has become the decisive factor for the future. Adopting and utilizing the best technology for your business will help you to increase your productivity and profitability like never before.

If you want to be a leader in your market, Topcon Tierra™ should be your first choice. We work everyday to help companies just like yours to achieve tangible and measurable results by using the latest research, the smartest technology and the most secure systems on the planet.

The Topcon Tierra solution has three components.

• Tierra Hardware is the communications device installed on your machine.

• Tierra Subscription Plan enables the features you need, and configures how often the unit communicates.

• Tierra Web is the internet based user interface — where you’ll go to configure alerts, generate reports, and more.


“At a glance” you can view machine metrics, performance statistics and real time situations.


Simply track everything with equipment maintenance and custom services.

Fleet management

Tierra provides you with critical data effortlessly, from and to on-board equipment. You will be able to see all of your assets on worldwide maps.

Job costing

Most contractors gather machine run time for job costing. The data gathering process is typically expensive, labor intensive, subject to clerical errors, and even more subject to fudging. Tierra provides this information daily, and reports are available with a few simple keystrokes. The data is reliably accurate, and not subject to human error.

The Tierra Value Proposition

Tierra is a tool for gathering remote machine locations, operating hours and machine information. The Tierra solution allows managers to make more informed decisions, and eliminates slow, inaccurate, and labor intensive data gathering regimens. Tierra sifts through all that data and provides immediate alerts and useful reports assisting managers to focus on the things that are actionable, with minimal effort required to uncover important pieces of information. Tierra is designed to alert you when a situation is less than ideal, allowing you to take immediate steps to improve the situation.

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Topcon Tierra is perfect for, Site Management Mass Excavation Mass Haul Site Work Road Work Landfill Milling Asphalt Paving Concrete Paving Agriculture Mining Forestry





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