Bavak Security Group, based in Noordwijk, is the first to offer an autonomous surveillance drone in the Netherlands in addition to purchase, also on a subscription basis. It concerns the Skeyetech drone-in-a-box system of French company Azur Drones, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing security management systems. Interested parties will soon be able to get a demonstration of the system.

Security solutions

Bavak has been offering total solutions in the field of security technology for more than 45 years. From barriers to camera systems, from access control to speedgates, from X-ray equipment to the establishment of complete control rooms, including all service and maintenance: everything it takes to secure infrastructure both physically and electronically is covered by Bavak’s services.

Bavak provides high-security solutions to customers who are active in the field of vital infrastructure, such as port areas, defense locations, power plants, refineries, but also to US embassies worldwide, for example. In addition to developing new security solutions, bringing together and integrating different systems into one integrated security concept is central to the service provision.

Drone as a Service

The latest development in Bavak’s services concerns Drone as a Service (DaaS). Bavak customers will soon be able to purchase an autonomous flying surveillance drone or purchase it on a subscription basis. This includes training, service and maintenance. The basis of the system is a base station, in which a drone is standby 24/7 to act routinely or on demand.

The drone can capture both optical and thermal images. These will be passed live to the control room. It is possible to allow the drone to fly an inspection round independently on an interval basis. The drone can also be directed to a specific location in the event of a calamity. For the control of the system, a security officer does not need a drone license: the drone flies fully automatically.

Proven and safe concept

The Skeyetech system was developed by the French company Azur Drones. The box is weatherproof and performs a pre-flight check for every flight. The drone can be deployed up to wind force 6-7 Bft. The box is equipped with a charging system so that the drone is automatically charged again after each mission. For safety, the drone cannot come outside a preset geofence. The operator can also pause or abort a mission at any time. The drone itself is fully developed for this purpose and thus also equipped with extras such as eight propellers and a parachute in the extreme case of emergency.

The system has proven itself well in practice, including in the port of Dunkirk. There, since 2019, the system has been successfully in use above the port area. Other customers in other countries also use the Skeyetech system, a total of thousands of missions have already been carried out.

Game changer

According to Dennis Kromhout, Business Development Manager at Bavak, the Skeyetech system is a ‘game changer’ in the field of security. “The time factor is essential for incidents and crisis situations. So being able to assess every situation quickly, anytime, anywhere is crucial. This drone can be at the desired location within a few minutes and provides a very valuable vantage point from the air. This allows coordinators/operators to make well-balanced choices based on current information. This adds the extra dimension that a flying camera can offer.”

In the future, there are many more possibilities imaginable. Kromhout: “Initially, the focus is on safety & security. Over time, we want to offer additional applications. For example, the detection of nuclear radiation or gases. We can also link triggers to an observation based on AI video analysis and by integration with the (Genetec) security management system. For example, it is possible to automatically signal if the drone detects that a container is open during an inspection flight over a terminal.”

Authorization and demonstration

In order to use the system with customers in the Netherlands, Bavak has entered into a partnership with the company Public Air Services. As an operator, this company takes care of the flights as well as the application for the necessary permit at the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and provides the necessary training for the personnel who will work with the autonomous surveillance drone. Bavak takes care of the full integration of the drone with the customer’s security management system.

Soon, a demonstration version of the system will be made operational at Bavak’s headquarters in Noordwijk. Interested parties can contact us to make an appointment to view the system with us,” said marketing manager Martijn Peeters.