Product images of what appears to be the successor to the DJI M300 RTK have been leaked. It may be the M30, M300 RTK V2 or M400 RTK. The new design, in which the arms of the drone can be folded in, is striking. This makes it easier to transport the drone. The new drone may be supplied with the new RC Plus controller, which recently appeared in a database of the US telecom authority.

M400 RTK or Mavic Enterprise Max

The product images were posted online by @OsitaLV. “It’s the M400 RTK! Or, Mavic Enterprise Max,” he writes:

Crossing between Mavic 3 and M300 RTK

At first glance, the new drone looks like a cross between the Mavic 3 and the M300 RTK. It could be that it concerns the M30, M300 V2, or the M400, as OsitaLV writes. Clearly distracting are cameras all around for the purpose of obstacle detection, and a flash light on top of the drone.

The arms are collapsible just like the Mavic series of drones. This has consequences for the engine suspension: at the rear arms the motors are mounted at the bottom, at the front at the top. The body looks relatively high, but that is to make room for the batteries.


The payload is located on a front gimbal of the drone. Apparently, it’s a Zenmuse H20T-like payload, with laser rangefinder and thermal camera. It is unclear whether the payload can be exchanged, as with the M300 RTK. Let alone that it is clear whether the current Zenmuse H20 and H20T payloads can be used with this drone.


The new drone may come with the new DJI RC Plus controller. It would feature a 7″ screen and an 8-core processor. This controller recently appeared in the FCC database, with the product code SS3-RM7002110. This controller may also come with DJI’s new Agras T40 agricultural drone.