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Subsonus Tag is a low cost acoustic positioning transponder that operates with the Subsonus USBL. It features an integrated battery, wireless charging and a pressure tolerant display. Ultra-low-power consumption allows operation for up to 18 months on one charge. Up to 65,000 Tag underwater transponders can be tracked by one surface Subsonus unit.

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Ultra Long Battery Life

Subsonus Tag features a revolutionary acoustic processing architecture that allows it to achieve an unparalleled battery life of up to 18 months in slow update applications. Transmit power is configurable which allows extra battery life to be achieved when operating at close range.

Multi-Track Technology

Up to 65,000 Subsonus Tags can be deployed in the same area and tracked using one surface Subsonus unit. Each tag has a unique address and can be assigned a name for easy identification.

Integrated Display

Subsonus Tag features a pressure tolerant display that allows for fast and easy identification of multiple tags and their status. Electronic paper technology consumes no power between updates of the screen graphics.

Hermetically Sealed

The revolutionary design of Subsonus Tag features total encapsulation of the electronics and batteries. This unbroken hermetic seal offers unparalleled reliability since there are no pressure vessels, air cavities, o-rings or connectors. The only servicing required is biofouling management.

Wireless Charging

Subsonus Tag contains a Qi-compatible wireless power receiver for convenient battery charging without using connectors. Qi charging is the standard found in most phones, so chargers are readily available at low cost.

Bluetooth Communication

Tags can be quickly configured and updated from a smartphone using Bluetooth. An RS232 or USB Bluetooth interface is also supported for configuration with a PC application.

Breakthrough Price

Subsonus Tag redefines the low-cost underwater transponder market with massive savings from the hermetically sealed, connectorless design. This allows deployments in applications previously not feasible due to cost. 1000 METRE RANGE Subsonus Tag has an acoustic tracking range of up to 1000 metres and is depth rated to 2000 metres.

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Main applications

Subsea asset tracking, remote sensing, vehicle tracking, diver tracking, high multi-path environments, long-term deployment (18 month battery life)

Diameter [cm]



Advanced Navigation

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Advanced Navigation

Transducer Beamshape


Transmit frequency min. [Hz]


Depth rating {m}


Housing material

Polymer composite

Weight in water [kg]


Year of latest version


Weight in air [kg]


Length [cm]


Battery type

28 Wh Encapsulated Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery

External Power supply [V]

Qi Wireless charging v1.2

Battery life [hr]


Year of initial introduction


Field of Use

Diver tracking, ROV/AUV tracking, subsea construction, marine research, Environmental monitoring, Oil & Gas, Renewables