On the eve of the virtual edition of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled its first drone in the Airpeak series. It is a high-end device that can be equipped with a Sony Alpha A7S III camera. With Airpeak, Sony is targeting content creators in the upper segment, who would like to use full-frame mirrorless cameras for their shots.


Last year, Sony first hinted at joining the drone market. But apart from the name Airpeak, the company did not disclose any details at that time. That has now changed. With Airpeak, Sony focuses on professional creators, who have so far operated systems such as the DJI M600 or the Freefly Alta.

In a first video, Sony shows an Airpeak series model that can be used in combination with the popular Sony Alpha A7S III camera. Including gimbal and lens, it’s not exactly about a lightweight drone: although Sony has not yet communicated specs, we suspect that in this configuration the system will soon go towards 10 kg.

The video shows that the Airpeak drone has an FPV camera, for the benefit of the pilot. In addition, obstacle detection is provided. To be able to rotate the camera without obstructing the view, the landing gear can be folded after takeoff. It also appears that the drone is supplied with energy by two smart batteries. The gimbal appears to be from Gremsy.

“Designed for adventurous creators… Airpeak sets up creators is able to explore new boundaries for visual expression,” said Keichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Corporation. “Sony’s Alpha camera allows stable, dynamic remote shooting. Creators have unlimited potential to create stunning images from above. Airpeak turns the sky into an infinite, creative playground.”

Further development

Sony says it wants to roll out the Airpeak project further this spring. The company wants to further develop the drones in consultation with drone pilots and creators. In the EU, given its weight, the drone will soon fall into the Specific category, if it is to be able to fly near people and buildings.