Electronics manufacturer Sony is striving on the release of the brand-new Airpeak drone, which is targeted at specialist filmmakers as well as airborne professional photographers. In a brand-new demorale, Sony shows a variety of shots taken with the brand-new drone, in combination with an Alpha seven III full structure cam. This was provided for the celebration with the recently provided FE 14mm f/1.8 GM lens.

Field examination

Demorale was videotaped throughout field examinations with the new drone on the Japanese island of Iriomote. A prototype of the upcoming Airpeak drone was utilized to shoot the shots, integrated with a Gremsy gimbal and a Sony Alpha 7S III with the lately announced intense FE 14mm f/1.8 GM wide-angle lens.

The pictures show how the drone is controlled by a variety of fairly tight setups. It is uncertain whether the drone itself monitors the setting in order to stop branches from being struck, or if the pilot is in complete control. Furthermore, there are a number of shots that are clearly made using a twin operator setup, in which the video camera is regulated independently from the drone by a second individual.

According to Sony, a great deal of comments has actually been gathered from the target group in recent months, in order to enhance both hardware and software. On top of that, tests were carried out under tough conditions, such as simulated strong winds. The firm is additionally searching for expert drone operators in the United States and also Japan to acquire further responses.

AI The Sony Airpeak must be the smallest as well as lightest RTF multirotor come to be a drone with the ability of carrying a Sony Alpha cam. Throughout the statement, Sony underlined the application of AI (artificial intelligence) in the platform, however it is not yet clear just how this is shown in the control of the