On September 9, 2021, Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) is organizing the second Industry Update, covering Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and integrated mobility planning. This edition will host Munish Khurana (ATM/UTM Business Development at EUROCONTROL) speak to Vassilis Agouridas (UIC2) about the opportunities and challenges of integrating UAM into urban mobility plans and David Hyde of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the collaboration between ADW, UIC2 and WEF . Later that afternoon, there will be a live change over to Las Vegas, where ADW will host the Advanced Air Mobility Summit in Las Vegas with its partner Commercial UAV Expo Americas.

Roundtable session

The second Industry Update starts at 14:00 and is kicked off by Eurocontrol’s Munish Khurana. Together with Vassilis Agouridas, leader of the UIC2, EU Smart Cities Marketplace, he chairs the roundtable session. Sitting at the table Luana Bidasca (Policy Officer DG MOVE, European Commission), Lizann Tjon (Manager Smart Cities, City of Amsterdam) and Jacek Woźnikowski (Metropolis GZM, Poland). Together, they address questions about the role of UAM in the sustainable urban mobility plan, the opportunities and challenges of integrating UAM into urban mobility plans and the requirements for connecting air and ground mobility services

in cities and regions. Amsterdam Drone Week Tjon said, among other things, that Amsterdam “looks at different ways of moving to and from the city. This can be done by water, road, underground and air. UAM responds to anticipating new mobility concepts.”

Collaboration with World Economic Forum

Vassilis Agouridas then talks further with David Hyde (Project lead Aerospace and Drones World Economic Forum) and Nynke Lipsius (Director Amsterdam Drone Week) about the far-reaching cooperation between the World Economic Forum, ADW and UIC2 EU Smart Cities Marketplace. Together, the three organizations want to bring cities and countries around the world together to share knowledge about developments and innovation around drones.

From 3.30 pm, there will be a panel discussion in which Marco Sterk (CEO The Longbow Group) and Frank van Es (CEO TwynstraGudde) discuss a global approach to drone vertiports. Among other things, they explain the important developments in the ground-based infrastructure in the US and Europe. They also answer the question: what global framework is needed for safety, performance, standardization and regulatory requirements?

Live from Las Vegas

At 4:15 PM, there is a live switch to The Mirage in Las Vegas where Commercial UAV Expo Americas takes place. Commercial UAV Expo Americas is organizing the Advanced Air Mobility Summit together with ADW.

From Amsterdam, Munish Khurana Parimal Kopardekar (Director NASA Aeronautics Research Institute), Clint Harper (Los Angeles Urban Air Mobility Fellow) and Amit Ganjoo (CEO ANRA Technologies) asks a number of questions. For example, about how Los Angeles is preparing for the future of urban air mobility.

Last August, we spoke to Amit Ganjoo about the future of airspace and the important role of a fully integrated airspace management system.

Program and Enrollment

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