Sonardyne International RT 6-1000

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Introducing RT 6-1000, our new entry-level acoustic release transponder that comes with features that are far from entry-level. Such as 1,000 metre depth rating, battery life of 15 months, optional rope canister and release mechanism that won’t let you down.

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If you’re a scientist, surveyor or in the military, you’ll know how essential an acoustic release transponder is when deploying and recovering seabed equipment and ocean sensors. Reliability, endurance, payload and ease-of-use are all must-have features; everything infact you’ll find that comes as standard in the RT 6-1000.

For a start, it works with our Micro, Mini and Ranger 2 USBL tracking systems. So you can now deploy, track, locate and retrieve your moorings with topside equipment you’ll find installed on hundreds of survey vessels around the world.

If you don’t have access to Ranger 2, no problem. The RT 6-1000 can be setup and controlled via our Android app. All you need is an NFC enabled device and a second RT 6-1000 which stays with you on the surface. For small boat operations, what could be simpler? Soon, you’ll also be able to order a ruggedised over-the-side dunker that’s cable-connected to our deck test unit, iWand.

And talking of moorings, the RT 6-1000 work down at 1,000 metres, twice that of many other release transponders available on the market. As well as going deeper, RT 6-1000 also operates for longer – around 15 months – perfect for year-long surveys so you can deploy it and forget about. When it’s time to recover it to the surface – and the valuable equipment it’s attached to – it’s screw-off release mechanism won’t let you down.

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Transmit frequency min. [Hz]



Sonardyne International

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Operating System

RT 6 App

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Screw type

Safe Working Load (4:1) [Kg]


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Ocean Science, Military

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Plastic, super duplex stainless steel and anodized aluminium alloy

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Instrument mooring, Equipment drop and release


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