The conversion of ROC-light permits and RPA-L licenses into flight certificates for Open Category A2 is delayed. The group accountable for the conversion procedure has informed us by email. As the reason for the hold-up, an issue with the RDW system pairing is mentioned. There is no need to send an application once again.


flight tickets and exemptions such as the RPA-L and ROC-light will lose their credibility on 31 December 2021. In order to avoid drone pilots who have such a piece of paper from getting to the ground, a change treatment has been established from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in cooperation with the NLR. Via the website you can submit a request for a conversion up until 31 October. In doing so, some evidence needs to be offered and one need to likewise declare to have gone through the additional knowledge module.

However, people who have actually left their information on this site have not found out about the follow up to this day. That has actually caused a lot of discontent and questions occasionally. There are even people who have resubmitted their application for conversion.


As it ends up, some issues have developed in the translation to the RDW, which is responsible for issuing drone evidence in the Netherlands. This is evident from the following description by e-mail: