Do you have a ROC-light waiver or RPA-L certificate, and have you requested a conversion to the European Air Ticket A2? Then there is good news: the process is nearing completion. The people involved were informed today by email. It is now possible to request the flight tickets A1/A3 and then A2 from the RDW. This is outside the regular application process.

Transitional arrangement approaching an end As

of 31-12-2021, both the ROC-light and RPA-L will lose their validity, as the transitional period for national regulations comes to an end. For that reason, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management initiated a transformation process in collaboration with NLR. A special website was able to request a conversion. After that, however, it remained quiet for a long time: later it became apparent that the process had been delayed

But now, finally, there is an inconclusion. By e-mail, all operators and drone pilots whose applications have been approved have been informed about the further steps. In fact, outside the normal procedure, people are helped further by the RDW. So there is no need to pay for the issuance of the proofs.

Two steps

The process consists of two steps. First, you must apply for the basic drone ticket A1/A3, via a link in the email. Only then can the drone certificate A2 be requested, also via a special link. In addition to the flight ticket according to the European model, one must also request an operator number. This goes through the regular process. RPA-L holders are recommended to keep their paper just as well.