The Dutch company Robin Radar Systems has actually made available a software application upgrade that increases the series of the drone detection systems ELVIRA and IRIS by an element of two. The upgrade is based upon the most recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Depending on the system utilized, it is now possible to spot undesirable drones as much as 2 km away.

Larger detection variety

The low-cost drone radar ELVIRA was previously able to spot a DJI Phantom type drone as much as a distance of 600 meters. Thanks to the new software update, the variety is now 1.2 to 1.5 km. And where the flagship IRIS first detected a DJI Inspire as much as 1.4 km away, it is now 2 to 2.2 km, depending upon the conditions.

According to Robin Radar, thanks to the upgrade, IRIS is presently the best-performing, compact 3D drone radar when it concerns classifying drones from another location. The basis of the system is special trademarked back to back phased variety radars, with a detection range of 360º.

The upgrade will likewise be offered to existing users of the systems. This makes Robin measure up to the guarantee of a futureproof system. The machine discovering upgrade is a software upgrade that, in principle, does not need any new hardware. Nevertheless, sometimes, it might be necessary to install a new video card in order to run the powerful brand-new software application.

4D on-the-move performance

At the exact same time as the brand-new upgrade, Robin Radar also reveals 4D on-the-move performance for the MIL-STD Certified IRIS Drone Detection Radar. This brand-new feature is especially interesting for police units and military workers who require to safeguard a moving convoy.

Marcel Verdonk, Robin Radar Systems’ new CCO: “We are a new kind of radar company committed to tracking birds and drones. We are making military innovation readily available to secure critical infrastructures. The upgrade we revealed enhances our role as a technology leader in this area. The race to develop the finest radar that discovers little items continues. And we too.”

Significance of drone detection

Robin Radar highlights the increasing value of drone detection. For example, in the Netherlands there are routine attempts to smuggle phones and drugs into jails by ways of drones. Extremely just recently, this took place in Westzaan prison. To be able to act efficiently versus this, drone detection is a must.

Robin Radar’s ELVIRA and IRIS systems are able to detect and determine drones using their propellers. As an outcome, in principle, any type of drone can be observed, even if it does not have a radio connection to a motorist on the ground. 140 Robin Radar systems have actually already been installed worldwide.

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The device discovering upgrade is offered as standard with the purchase of new systems and is readily available as a free software update for qualified clients. For more information, please contact Robin Radar Systems.