An unique initial at the Dutch-German boundary today. For the first time, a cross-border examination trip was made with a search & rescue drone, which flew from Germany to the Netherlands. The pilot trip is part of the Urban Air Mobility effort GrenzFlug, in which a number of boundary cities in the Aachen region get involved.


The examination flight was accomplished from the global GrenzFlug task. This concerns a cooperation between the Aachen Technical University of Applied Sciences and also the local management of Aachen. The goal was to make a cross-border trip with a drone that was developed to execute search & rescue missions in the future.

The test notes an essential landmark for the Urban Air Mobility Initiative of the MAHHL cities (Maastricht, Aachen, Hasselt, Heerlen and Liége). Sibylle Keupen, mayor of the city of Aachen: “Drones provide versatile innovation potential for our society. I am happy that we can currently develop such ingenious technologies for people on either side of the boundary.”


The Maverix drone can remove vertically like a helicopter and then flies on like an airplane. It travels cross countries at broadband as well as works completely instantly, out of the view of the driver (BVLOS). The device can sustain emergency situation services throughout search and rescue, also in poor weather conditions.

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Aachen is responsible for the more advancement of the unmanned trip system. In the future, this system needs to guarantee that the drone will immediately look for a missing out on person in a particular area.

(source: news release– cover photo: Heike Lachmann)