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Inertial Labs Quanergy RESEPI – LiDAR and RGB Remote Sensing Payload Instrument

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Engineered for partners and resellers in the remote sensing industry, the Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, or RESEPI, is a combined Dual Antenna GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System, datalogger, Lidar, camera and communications system that allows for the real-time and post-processed generation of Point Cloud solutions. The processing platform contains a Wi-Fi interface, embedded cellular modem to support RTCM corrections, data logging software and gigabit Ethernet.

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RESEPI can be used with commercially available Lidars like Velodyne, Quanergy, Ouster, RIEGL, Livox, Hesai. The device was built with the purpose of white-labelling.

Your Logo can be placed on all software: Lidar calibration software, Bore-sighting software, Point Cloud Software, web-interfaces, and hardware. All components are mounted into one compact and light-weight enclosure.

RESEPI is completely modular. You can supply the GNSS receiver. You can supply the Lidar. We provide everything for assembling, calibrating, and bore-sighting RESEPI. This allows you to maintain existing relationships and meet local production requirements. You have full control for customization.

RESEPI is also a complete remote sensing solution, including Lidar, all required cables, mounting brackets, vibration isolator, Lidar Calibration, Bore-sighting, Post-Processing (PPK) and Point Cloud software. Value-Added Resellers can focus on growing their business rather than developing the payload product. We will support and grow the product together to meet the market requirements, with a commitment to supplying the best price/performance solution to our Business Partner.

Providing Actionable Lidar Point Cloud Deliverables

How To Build A Cost-Efficient Remote Sensing Lidar Payload using an Inertial Navigation System

Inertial Labs RESEPI Can Be Integrated with the Recently Released Livox Avia Lidar Scanner

RESEPI Complete Lidar & RGB Payload Solution

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Additional information

Year of last update


Gyroscopes Bias In-Run stability [deg p hr]



Inertial Labs

39959 Catoctin Ridge Street

20129 Paeonian Springs

United States


Inertial Labs

Distinguishable features

Low-cost, multi-platform

Training, maintanence and support


Main applications

UAV-based and mobile mapping, surveying, inspection

Included software

PCMasterGL, PCPainterGL, Boresighting Software, 1st year PPK Software Support License Included

Max. storage space [mb]


Type of storage

flash card

Camera specifications

Foxtech Map01 (Sony A5100)

Camera included

Yes, Optional

Requirements for compatible UAVs

DJI M210, M300, M600, FreeFly and other UAS


Cross-platform mounting options available, SkyPort, AltaX and other mounting systems

Type of INS or IMU

Inertial Labs INS-D, Tactical Grade IMU

Year of introduction


Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured


Typical positioning accuracy [cm]


Type of GNSS positioning sensors

NovAtel OEM7720

Number of GNSS positioning sensors


Type of battery


Power requirements


Power consumption


Water and dust proof


Weight [kg]


Width [cm]


Length [cm]


Height [cm]