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Blue Robotics Ping360

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The Ping360 is a mechanical scanning sonar for navigation and imaging. It has a 50-meter range, 300 meters depth rating, and an open-source software interface that makes it a capable tool for ROV navigation and underwater acoustic imaging. The Ping360 comes with everything needed for use on the BlueROV2. and other ROVs for navigation in low-visibility water conditions, but it’s also suited for applications such as inspection, obstacle avoidance, target location, and tracking.

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The Ping360 scanning ROV sonar is a mechanical scanning imaging sonar. It’s designed primarily to be used on the BlueROV2 underwater ROV and other ROVs for navigation in low-visibility water conditions, but it’s also suited for applications such as inspection, obstacle avoidance, target location and tracking, autonomous systems development, and more!

When mounted on an ROV, the scanning sonar gives you a top-down view of the ROV’s surroundings. You can see echoes from objects like ropes, walls, dock pilings, rocks, shipwrecks, boats, fish, and any other structures or objects that reflect sound waves. With that, you have reference points to navigate from, regardless of water visibility, and you can locate important features in the water quickly. 

The Ping360 is designed with an oil-filled section at the top that houses the acoustic transducer and an air-filled section at the bottom. It has an anodized aluminum case and a 1 meter (3.3 foot) cable with a pre-installed cable penetrator. It’s rated to a maximum depth of 300 meters (984 feet). The bottom has four M3 mounting holes and interfaces with an included bracket that makes it easy to install on the BlueROV2 and in other applications.

ROV Sonar

The sonar operates at an acoustic frequency of 750 kHz and has a beam width of 2 degrees horizontally and 25 degrees vertically. Electrically, it can be powered from any clean 11-25 V power source and it communicates via USB, RS485, or Ethernet.

The Ping360 connects to the open source Ping-Viewer application for control and data display. Ping-Viewer runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and can connect to the Ping360 through a direct connection to the computer or through the Companion web interface on the BlueROV2.

Ping Viewer sonar interface

For those who wish to integrate the Ping360 scanning sonar into other systems and access the data directly, it communicates with a binary message format called the Ping-Protocol. We’ve have Arduino and Python libraries for the Ping-Protocol to get you up and running almost immediately.

You can find more details on the Blue Robotics Ping360 Scanning ROV Sonar product page!


Additional information

Year of initial development


Max. depth [m]


Max. frequency [kHz]


Typical range [m]


Min. horizontal beam width [deg]


Min. vertical beam width [deg]


Min. DC power [V]


Max. power consumption [W]


Horizontal Field of View

360 degrees

Operating System

Windows, Mac, Linux

Interface options

Ping Viewer open source sonar viewer


USB, RS485, Ethernet


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