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Aquatic Drones Phoenix 5 (P5)

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The Phoenix 5 is a multi-use, robust Unmanned Surface Vessel, equipped with a wide range of sensors. The P5 offers a clean, safe, easy to use and cost-efficient solution for maritime maintenance in ports, inland waterways and coastal areas. Our aim is operational excellence, effective use and high reliability for our customers around the world, with fair CAPEX and OPEX.

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Aquatic Drones

Our Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASV) are multi-use robots with a wide range of sensors  enabling an autonomous operating system with object detection and avoidance. They can collect, analyze and interpret data, which simultaneously facilitates our predictive maintenance models. These can deliver data processing and predictive maintenance algorithms that fit client workflows and software.

More data, less costs, lower carbon footprint.

We develop sustainable solutions in open collaboration with technical frontrunners, customers, development partners, research institutes, suppliers and experts. We manifest the highest value for human, economic and ecologic progress by establishing smart, safe and sustainable solutions.

Sensor redundancy for safety and reliability

5 sensor systems onboard for situational awareness. Sensor data are processed and overlapping signals are cross checked for highest secured situational awareness.

  • Automatic Information System (AIS)
  • LiDAR
  • Camera
  • Forward Looking Sonar (FLS)

Multi-channel communication system

Our vessels make use of multiple connunication systems to ensure good communications at all times. This enables operators to keep track of the status, location. survey data, situational awareness and more.

  • 4G connection for inland and coastal applications with high bandwidth
  • Marine Broadband Radio for direct high bandwidth connection in any environment
  • Radio Requency connection for basic controls and data

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Additional information

Length [m]


Type of Communication

Radio Frequency, 4G and MBR (Marine Broadband Radio)

Payload sensors - standard

Payload to be selected by customer

Payload sensors - optional

Payload to be selected by customer


Electric propulsion

Energy Source

Battery powered with possibility for diesel range extender

Propulsion Power


Endurance at nominal power [hr]

Different set-ups available

Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]


Navigation sensors - standard

Multi-sensory input including Radar, AIS, Lidar, Camera and Forward looking sonar

Data sent to shore

Live camera, lidar, (pre-processed) survey data, etc.

Auto- control



Hydrography, Inspection, Surveillance, Water quality, Search & Rescue, Defense non-lethal e.g, Mine Counter Measures, etc.

Distinguishable features

Virtually any sensor can be integrated, This accommodates almost all applications and sensor systems & brands.


Aquatic Drones BV


Aquatic Drones BV

Scheepswerf 1

5256PL Heusden


Navigation sensors - optional

all included in standard package

Max. WMO seastate


Width [m]


Thruster specifications

2 x 10 kW

Height [m]


Min. weight of USV in air [kg]


Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]




Draft [m]


Number of thrusters

2 propellors with Differential steering and 2 rudders


Hull material, Aluminium 5083

Available size of storage room

20ft container

Min. turning radius [m]


Operational Area

Inland, Ports and coastal

Launch and Recovery System

LARS by means of trailer, boatlift and crane from shore or vessel

Max. speed [kn]


Min. crew size

1 person can operate one or more ASVs

Min. required number of surface computers


Max. Remote Operating Range {m}