French drone manufacturer Parrot will introduce a new model drone on 30 June. This is evident from a teaser that the company has sent around its relationships. Extensive product specifications are missing, but it is clear that the system is based on open source software and can operate flights autonomously for photogrammetry. Parrot also emphasizes information security.

Robotics take flight

The motto of the product launch is “Robotics take flight”. Given Parrot’s increasing focus on the B2B segment, it is certainly not a drone intended for consumers. It may be a new addition to the existing Anafi line, but it cannot be ruled out that it is a whole new platform.

In the teaser, Parrot mentions the following highlights:

  • New communication standard
  • Open to developers
  • Full open-source app
  • Autonomous photogrammetry
  • New cyber security

That Parrot is insisting on cyber security is not in itself startling: at the time of the introduction of the Anafi USA, the company already tried to distinguish itself from market leader DJI in a fairly aggressive way. However, the focus on autonomous photogrammetry is remarkable. This is a domain in which, in particular, the American Skydio has been profiling itself considerably lately, with 3D Scan. It seems that Parrot also wants to gain more foothold in this scope, given the previous acquisition of software company Pix4D as well.

Many questions

There are still many questions about the upcoming drone. For example, it is unclear whether it is an entirely new model or a modified Anafi, what will be the weight of the new system, and whether or not the drone will have a Cx label. These and other questions will hopefully be answered at 16:00 during the product announcement on 30 June.