Every spring, large groups of geese trigger a great deal of torment in the areas of garden enthusiasts and also dairy farmers in North Holland. The pets not just gnaw grass and also vegetables, their waste matter likewise guarantees that gathered veggies are no longer ideal for human consumption. Farmers in the Starnmeer region near Krommenie are tired of the nuisance and also now allow the geese scare away using a drone.

Significant damages

Every year, the goose population creates numerous euros in damage, the farmers argue. In 2018, for instance, 7.5 million euros in damage was claimed in North Holland alone, states LTO Noord. It does not stop there: the actual damage is a lot higher and also, according to the farmers, the problem increases every year. Not only garden enthusiasts suffer from rat damages: milk farmers also commonly view the geese eat away the grass in front of their cows.

Up until now, an effort has actually been made to frighten the geese with the help of flags as well as bafers. Geese can additionally be hunted from the district of North Holland. The impacts of that are simply a drop on the radiant plate. That is why a number of farmers are now seeking their salvation in a test with a drone. The objective of the trial is to see if the geese of the land can be driven to foraging areas where the animals do not create any kind of inconvenience. It may likewise be feasible to stop the geese from reproducing in fields.

Simultaneously a big location

For the expelling of the geese using a drone, the farmers work with a specialized firm. Opposite Hollands Kroon Current Dennis Drost of Drowgoo tells how it works: “At Drowgoo we chase geese away with the aid of drones. We chose drones since they are very scalable to use. The vast array of a drone and the reality that geese are currently flying at a substantial range from the drone makes sure that we can do large locations all at once.”

According to Drost, it is possible to have a location of 150 Ha within a fifteen mins free of geese.” When numerous farmers participate in a polder, we can make sure that the geese are hunted out the entire polder as opposed to ‘ping pong ‘in between different farmers. We gauge with sensing units whether geese are present. These sensors proactively inform us when there are geese, to make sure that we can respond as rapidly as well as in a targeted way as feasible.”


The method with the drone appears to function properly for the time being. Drost: “We learn through farmers that up until now they see couple of large teams of geese any longer. There are periodically geese, however in smaller numbers than before. The farmers are additionally positively stunned at just how rapid and just how terrific the impact of what we do. We ourselves anticipate to be able to prevent > 60% of the damage, yet this has yet to be seen from the very first main numbers. A favorable thing to point out is that so much we see little impact on the field birds in the locations where we fly.”

Drowgoo likewise has large plans for the future. The firm provides a network of sensors as well as drones that function together to give consistent coverage as well as drive the geese away prior to they land.