The Dutch developer of high-end drones Acecore Technologies has launched a new drone, based on the existing Acecore Zoe platform. The Zoe Zetona is distinguished by the location of the camera suspension, namely at the front of the device. As a result, the camera can be rotated 90º down as well as 90º up, for example for the purpose of inspection work.

Specially developed gimbal

According to Acecore, the Zoe Zetona is optimized to be used in combination with a small number of high-end cameras, such as the 60 megapixel Sony A7r IV. For stabilization, a Gremsy two-axis gimbal was chosen specially designed for this purpose, which can dampen all vibrations. The unique gimbal design allowed the camera to be mounted on the front of the drone, rather than at the bottom. As a result, the camera can be directed down or up.

Thanks to the use of new coaxial motors, the Zoe Zetona also offers the possibility to upgrade to a fully redundant drive rather than the standard quadrotor configuration. This additional hardware also fits into the standard housing, so that the system can still be easily transported and is easy to use.

Control over yaw-as

“One of the biggest technical challenges we faced was to give the secondary camera operator control over the drone’s yaw axis to adjust the live camera image while inspecting an asset. Nevertheless, we have ensured that the pilot maintains full control of the drone’s movements to ensure a safe operation,” said Jorrit Linders, founder and CEO of Acecore.

Just like the original Acecore Zoe, the Zoe Zetona is weatherproof and it can be used in strong winds, for example in offshore inspections. According to Linders, as a result of the new camera suspension, many parts had to be given a new place to ensure the stability of the system.


The new system is immediately available. Initially, the system can only be ordered with a fully integrated Sony A7r IV camera. More payload options will be added later.


The Zoe Zetona is not the only inspection drone that offers the ability to make a camera look up. Various drones from DJI Matrix series — including the M300 RTK, with optional Upward Gimbal Connector — offer the possibility to mount a gimbal at the top of the drone. In addition, there is the now somewhat outdated Intel Falcon 8, which, like the Zoe Zetona, has the gimbal on the front and can therefore rotate the camera up and down 180º. Finally, the lightweight Parrot Anafi also offers a camera that can rotate up and down, but it cannot be compared to that of the more professional systems in terms of performance.