The Canadian company Drone Delivery Canada has presented a new model delivery drone with a flight range of 20 km and a payload capacity of 4.5 kg. the latest battery technology, can leave a charge without contact and optionally has an emergency parachute. The drone can also announce its arrival by means of a speaker.

Enabling new applications

With the new Canary delivery drone, Drone Delivery Canada wants to make new applications possible, by facilitating flights over built-up areas. The goal is to enable retailers to carry out both B2B and B2C deliveries in urban and residential areas. The Canary drone has a maximum range of 20 km and can carry 4.5 in payload.

The new drone has already been extensively tested. Among other things, the flight controller, communication with the FLYTE software system, communication with the smart battery system, the renewed drive system and the various sensors have been examined and found to be in order.

Drone Delivery Canada-CEO Michael Zahra: “Canary’s new functionality, especially the integrated parachute, enables applications that are currently difficult to achieve, such as flights over people and deliveries to cities and homes.”

In the meantime, the current version of the Sparrow drone will be in use stay with customers. This system will also remain available for commissioning by new customers. Depending on market demand, Drone Delivery Canada also wants to complete and market the previously announced Robin XL fixed-wing delivery drone.


Drone Delivery Canada is also working on the development of ground and air-based detect-and-avoid systems, which are expected to enable new commercially viable applications and BVLOS operations, while increasing operational costs lowered.

(source: Drone Delivery Canada)