Inertial Labs MRU-PD

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The MRU-PD is a motion reference unit solution to measure and output DGPS/RTK positions, heading, heave, surge, sway and pitch & roll. Fully compatible with SBES, MBES (Teledyne, R2Sonic, WAASP etc.) and Doppler Velocity Logs. Enhanced & Professional Dual Antenna Motion Reference Units.

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  • SEATEX, TSS, SMC output formats
  • Full compatibility with SBES, MBES (Teledyne, R2Sonic, WAASP etc.) and DVL – Doppler Velocity Logs
  • Embedded DGPS/RTK
  • Embedded Transmitting Heading Device (THD)
  • IP-67 sealed
  • 0.03 deg Pitch and Roll accuracy
  • 5% / 5 cm Heave accuracy
  • 10% / 10 cm Surge & Sway accuracy
  • Very accurate Significant Waive Height output
  • 0.005 m/sec2Acceleration accuracy
  • 0.0002 deg/sec Angular rate accuracy
  • NMEA 0183 and TSS1 output data format

Inertial Labs MRU Test Report

The Professional Dual Antenna Motion Reference Unit (MRU-PD) – Unboxing and Connecting

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