The medical distribution drone from ANWB and also PostNL will certainly soon make a series of examination flights in between Rhoon and Oud-Beijerland. The objective is to check out exactly how in the future blood as well as medications can be moved urgently by drone from the Erasmus MC as well as Sanquin blood bank in Rotterdam to the Zeeland area. During the examination trips, to name a few things, flown in the airspace of Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Following step

The pilot flights in between Rhoon as well as Oud-Beijerland are a follow-up to previous long-haul trips between Meppel as well as Zwolle. During the flights, we explore what it takes to ultimately fly right into the airspace between Rotterdam as well as Zeeland. The trip examinations between are the following action in the realization of the medical distribution drone. The flights begin in a meadow near Rhoon, and the drones land on the dike along the old Maas.

Throughout the trips, the trip procedures required to fly right into the controlled airspace of Rotterdam The Hague Airport are evaluated. The trips are as a result accomplished in close examination with the Netherlands Air Traffic Control, which in this field is in charge of the control of airspace. The drones do not have any type of clinical items aboard during the examination flights.

According to the companies involved, drones can be a godsend in Zeeland when it involves transporting emergency medical items. The district has couple of medical facilities and if the provincial roadways are silted, there is no other way through for ambulances on the ground. “If every 2nd counts, traffic as well as groups on the road can have significant consequences,” the organizations compose.

Multiple trajectories By developing numerous trajectories within the Medical

Drone Service consortium, understanding that is necessary to be able to fly for the entire clinical Netherlands in the future. Before blood or medicine can really be flown, an entire procedure still needs to be done. The innovation will certainly be further developed and the drones need to be incorporated right into the other air web traffic. The guidelines also require to be more established. Sanquin has actually already performed some validation examinations with blood products in the drone, which showed that the temperature specs can be assured.