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Subsea Europe Services GmbH MARTAC MANTAS Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)

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The MANTAS T12 is a next-generation USV offering new levels of operator control flexibility with full and semi-autonomous, and human-in-the-loop operations. With speeds up to 37 knots and flexible payload configuration including the innovative integrated Hydrographic Survey System, this state-of-the-art USV is ideal for marine data acquisition and environmental monitoring applications offshore, as well as in coastal areas, ports and harbours.

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MARTAC’s fully electric MANTAS T12, a 3.6 metre ‘X-Class’ vessel, mobilised with Subsea Europe Service’s integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS). The combination unlocks unprecedented speed, agility and operational capabilities that can transform the marine survey workflow to improve data quality and reduce costs.

The MANTAS T12 optional solar power, open architecture and modular design allow rapid integration of new sensors and communication technologies to meet diverse mission requirements. Key aspects of the T12 include:

  • Extended in-field operations with open architecture and modular design allowing for rapid adaptation and integration of sensors, advance communications and improved energy payload
  • Highly reliable systems with waterproof components within the MANTAS hull and redundancy built into the comms architecture
  • Optional “Stealth” Mode with a positively buoyant hull to minimize detection and perform “decks awash” operations
  • Performs in environments and conditions where other USVs are unable due to MANTAS’ high-performance envelope


MANTAS T12 commercial applications include:

  • Bathymetric mapping and asset inspection
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Port and Harbor Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Search & Rescue
  • Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (HADR)
  • Transport Logistics – Oil Platform Support
  • Scientific monitoring – NOAA
  • Fisheries monitoring


The future of marine monitoring and hydrographic survey

A USV with unmatched capabilities, the MANTAS T12 is set to enable the development of entirely new approaches to marine data acquisition and maritime domain awareness procedures.

These include swarm surveys, where several MANTAS T12s managed by an onsite ‘mothership’ can by synchronised to carry out hydrographic surveys faster and with greater coverage than standard survey vessels. MARTAC has already proven the efficiency of swarm surveying in several live trials.

Looking forward, MARTAC and Subsea Europe Services are working closely to level-up the autonomous capabilities of the T12, with the iHSS playing an important role in creating a solution that can be operated by organisations that don’t have in-house operational expertise.


Core system components

  • TASKER operational command and control (C2) console
  • Sensor and comms integration platform
  • Launch & recovery solutions to perform full-scale missions/operations in open ocean, riverine and inland waters

+ Complete solution for advanced and standard applications with Subsea Europe Services iHSS multibeam system and complete operational support


Design characteristics

  • Patented aerodynamic/hydrodynamic carbon fiber catamaran hull design for stability and superior maneuverability for precision missions
  • Self-righting and gator (decks awash) capable (T8 & T12) proven to operate and survive in high seas
  • Fourth-generation MANTAS System with associated high reliability, low maintenance modular engineering
  • Turnkey system including companion C2 system (TASKER) and comprehensive Mission Command Center (MCC)
  • Launch and recover Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from deck
  • Integrated launch & recovery system from ship, shore or boat


Key operational aspects

  • MANTAS vehicles are man-portable sized from 6 ft (2m) to 12 ft (3.6m) for easy deployment from shore, ship or boat for a variety of missions
  • Next generation ultra-safe; low-lithium propulsion twin screws to perform Beyond Human Capability
  • Full/semi-autonomous and full operator modes give you operational control
  • Precision navigation for successful mission outcomes in varying sea states
  • Reliable cost-effective COTS for low maintenance
  • Modular design allows for rapid adaptation and integration of sensors, comms and energy payloads to meet diverse mission parameters
  • Highly maneuverable and stable operating in areas not possible for manned craft. Can work in sea state 3+ with survivability in sea state 7+
  • Forms swarms with ‘mothership’ control to cover larger areas



Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC) represents the accumulation of years of advanced control technologies, cutting edge avionics, U.S. Navy surface and aviation experience coupled with hands-on exposure to extreme high-performance offshore powerboat technology. This collective experience resulted in the development of the Man-portable Tactical Autonomous System (MANTAS™).

MARTAC is recognised as a key innovator in the development and manufacture of Unmanned Maritime Surface Vessels. Founded in 2012, it offers a wide range of USV solutions for the domestic and international military, scientific, and commercial markets.

In addition to our focus on the Mantas T12, Subsea Europe Services can support European customers on enquiries about any MARTAC USV model.

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