The Singaporean business Lumicopter has established an examination drone specifically designed to inspect enclosed and hard-to-reach areas. What is special is that the drone is based on the DJI FPV drone, with a cage building and construction established particularly for this function. In this way, Lumicopter enters direct competition with the Flyability Elios, at a fraction of the rate.

Accident resistant

Drones are ideal for reaching hard-to-reach locations. With pipelines or tanks, you quickly run the risk of the drone’s props coming into contact with a wall or obstacle. One of the ways to avoid this is to utilize a spherical cage building and construction, which secures the entire drone from collisions. This principle formed the basis under the successful Flyability Elios (been successful by the Elios 2), which is utilized all over the world for evaluations of interior areas.

The Singapore-based business Lumicopter is now creating an option to the Elios. As with the latter drone, the Lumicopter is surrounded by a protective roll cage. However the heart of the system is a basic DJI FPV drone, which was presented last year. Originally intended as a cinematic racing drone, this system provides severe flight efficiency, integrated with a strong video connection: these are exactly the functions that are available in convenient.

“Most cost-efficient indoor assessment drone”

The Lumicopter can shoot 4K 60 at fps. A 4000 lumen LED floodlight guarantees that the drone can also shoot in the dark. It is practical that the cam can lift more than 90º; a feature that is part of the DJI FPV drone as requirement. The drone can also keep its position without GPS, thanks to the DJI visual positioning system (VPS). The system is controlled with the DJI FPV controller and app. The pilot can utilize the DJI Goggles to see the live video camera image. The optimum flight time is approx. 9.5 minutes.

According to Lumicopter CEO Wei Liang, the Lumicopter is the most affordable assessment drone for indoor usage. “We wish to utilize our know-how in drones and robotics to develop reputable, economical, collision resistant indoor inspection drones for commercial use, to assist other companies improve their examination efficiency at a portion of the

current market costs.”Price and schedule The basic

variation of the Lumicopter costs 6,500 Singapore dollars in the producer’s webshop webshop, which is just over 4,200 euros. For comparison, the Flyability Elios 2 expenses more than 30,000 euros. On the other hand, the Elios 2 is likewise equipped with a thermal imager, and features custom-made software aimed at industrial examinations. In addition, the roll cage of the Elios 2 is suspended cardanically, and can for that reason unroll along a wall.