Phase One iXM-GS120

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Cutting-edge imaging technology designed and built for the demanding needs of high-quality intelligence gathering. iXM-GS120 offers a wide area high-resolution camera with high sensitivity, low noise, minimal integration time, and user-defined regions of interest (ROI) for diverse security and space applications.

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Global shutter camera

Our unique global shutter technology enables record-breaking short exposures without the need for a mechanical shutter.  iXM-GS is the first wide-area camera with an integrated global shutter sensor and uncompromised image quality.

High-resolution wide-area imaging

iXM cameras provide outstanding resolutions, a wide selection of FOVs for more data in every frame, shorten mission times, and reduce data processing complexity.

An ultra-high-resolution, CMOS sensor, fast capture speed, enhanced light sensitivity enable increased productivity for a wide range of image acquisition projects for security applications.

Dynamic range

The combination of low read noise with high full well capacity enables the collection of imagery from deep shaded and highly illuminated areas simultaneously.


The iXM-GS120 camera is maintenance-free, rigidly built, weatherproof for continual service, and has a long lifespan.

This camera is ideal for long and remote airborne intelligence missions, for strategic positioning on hard-to-access stationary platforms and infrastructure facilities.

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