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Ukrspecsystems LLC ISR camera system – USG400

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USG-400 EO/IR/LRF is a multi-sensor and multi-purpose gimbal, with industry-proven hardware and software combination on board. We have integrated a sophisticated onboard video processing solution, a Full HD sensor with 30x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, an uncooled IR sensor with the long-range optical zoom lens, and a laser rangefinder with up to 5 km measuring range. This ISR camera system is a turnkey plug-and-play solution. It is ideal for unmanned aerial vehicles or light manned planes.

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Industry-proven sensors


Sony Full-HD EO with 90x max zoom (30x optical and 3x digital). Uncooled thermal camera with 5x optical zoom. LRF for precise coordinates detection and geo-reference. 

Advanced control software


Advance mission control software for sensor operators provides easy and comfortable access to all features: moving map, geo-information, change tracking modes with one click, multiple control hardware options (joystick, keyboard/mouse, controller), and information sharing and reporting tools. Our solution allows performing tasks faster, allowing it to focus on the mission and be more effective.

Best-in-class onboard video processing


We are using one of the most powerful onboard video processing units to make sure you get the best performing digital video stabilization, target tracking, and video enhancement features for long-range and long-endurance missions.

Effective tool for your long-endurance aerial surveillance tasks


During the developing process, one of our main tasks was to find a balance between price and quality, which we successfully achieved. Our products offer a full stack of industry-proven features and capabilities while maintaining a reasonable price range.

Footage from Youtube of the USG-400 EO/IR/LRF gimbal installed on a PD-2 UAV. USG-400 advanced gimbal is an ideal tool for ISR applications. It is strengthened by significant ground control software allowing the payload operator to be more flexible and saving a lot of time that can be used to make a decision. 

The USG-400 compact and lightweight ISR payload designs are developed for different civilian and military solutions under heavy weather conditions(-25 °C ~ +55 °C). USG camera series is optimized to handle harsh conditions including shock and rapid acceleration during the flight. Designed to be used for a variety of applications like search and rescue, firefighting/wildfires monitoring, border control, different tactical tasks, and a spectrum of civil applications.

If you will need more information on the specification of ISR gimbal USG-400 or an online demonstration of this product, please reach our website.

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