Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

Everything you need to know about DJI’s newest everyday commercial drone By  DJI Enterprise September 27, 2022 The Mavic 3E (M3E) is a compact, portable, and powerful drone for everyday operations. Whether you’re a hobbyist pilot ready to go pro or searching for a versatile platform to bolster your commercial fleet, the Mavic 3E sets a […]

Nov 30th: Land & Drone Surveying webinar

Drone-based LiDAR sensing technology has shown great value in effectively capturing large-scale geospatial data needed from applications such as terrestrial scanning, powerline inspection, construction, etc. Capturing and processing data correctly helps ensure accurate results and leads to great success in your project.   During the webinar, we will cover research with the Zenmuse L1 LiDAR […]

DJI Releases Major Firmware Update for M300 RTK

Dronemaker DJI released a substantial firmware upgrade for the industrial Matrice 300 RTK drone that was presented last summer season. The Zenmuse H20 cam, the Smart Controller Enterprise, the Battery Station as well as even the batteries have likewise been updated. The upgrade fixes different bugs and includes new performances. New Features The DJI M300 […]

Using drones as a municipality: “Communication is of great importance”

The work organization HLTsamen is the first municipal organization in the Netherlands to have its own drone with drone pilot and a full ROC permit. The goal is to use drones for data collection for basic registration, enforcement and real estate inspections. For this edition of Drone Talk, we spoke with co-initiator and drone pilot […]

DJI Introduces LiDAR and Photogrammetry Camera for Matrice 300

DJI has introduced two payloads that make the Matrice 300 RTK platform suitable for conducting surveys, 3D modeling and mapping missions. It concerns the Zenmuse L1 LiDAR and Zenmuse P1 full-frame camera that is optimized for photogrammetry. For the processing of the data, the user can use DJI Terra post processing software. More versatile So […]

‘Really flying BVLOS with drones will not remove the ground in the short-term’

As I wrote in my previous write-up, the development of the drone sector needs us to share the airspace with manned aviation. Our airspace is as well small as well as complicated to break it down. In order to facilitate the shared use airspace, the European aeronautics organization EASA is working on the growth of […]

Ministry publishes first brochures explaining European drone regulations

Two brochures have been published on the website of the National Government with an explanation of the upcoming European regulations for drones. The documents in question are intended for professional operators who are now in possession of a ROC-light or ROC permit. Later there will be brochures with explanations for other target groups, including recreational […]

Latvia has first international BVLOS drone flight over 5G

Telecom company Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT) recently carried out the first cross-border drone flight in which the drone was connected to the pilot via 5G. To this end, the drone was equipped with 2 SIM cards. The drone rose up in Latvia and landed a few kilometers away in Estonia. Switching from one network to […]

DJI Inspire 2 review (2020): still a cinematographic powerhouse

In November this year, it will be four years since DJI introduced the Inspire 2. This makes the Inspire 2 one of the oldest drones in the current range of DJI. Nevertheless, professional creators in particular still swear by this drone. In this review, we look at how the Inspire 2 compares to other drones […]

The Alliance is the first housing corporation to carry out drone inspections independently

In order to make the need for home maintenance better and faster insight, the Alliance will soon be the first housing corporation in the Netherlands to deploy drones independently. To this end, the corporation has entered into a partnership with Dronestars and a first employee has been trained as a drone pilot. In the short […]