New info has actually been released on the website of the Environment and also Transport Inspectorate (ILT) concerning the change period for holders of a ROC-light waiver, ROC license or RPA-L certificate. This reveals, to name a few things, that you are not allowed to use a driver number to a drone as long as it is still signed up in the aircraft register and has a PH number.

One or the other

According to the ILT, the ‘old’ push-button control scheme will continue to relate to ROC (-light) holders, till the moment they switch over to the brand-new EU guidelines. This indicates, to name a few things, that a drone with a PH registration may only be made use of according to the old ROC (-light) guidelines.

The ILT states that a drone can just be used in accordance with the stipulations of the European policies, the PH registration in the aircraft register has actually been erased and also the customer has gotten a confirmation thereof. The drone may then no longer be used according to the ROC (-light) policies. It’s either one or the other.

Driver Registration

According to EU policies, most drone drivers should register in the operator register at the RDW. Concerning this, the ILT claims that ROC (-light) owners do not have to register as an operator yet, as long as you still fly according to the old rules. Registration is permitted, but in that instance is not yet obligatory.

Operators with a ROC(-light)that likewise intend to go according to EU guidelines flies have to sign up

as an operator with the RDW. However there may just be flown with drones without PH registration. Release/change RPA-L, s-BvL and ROC-light The ILT will certainly release(waivers from) RPA-L and also unique BvL until 31 December 2021 at the most recent. In this way, ROC (-light) owners can still fly according to the old nationwide policies until converting their papers.

Ask for new ROC (-lights) can no longer be sent. It is still possible to have changes made to ROC (-light) documents, so that ROC (-light) owners can proceed to lug out their job according to the old national policies.

For all changes and also demands, the ILT establishes a final application day based upon lead time as well as transposition date.

Conversion RPA-L certificate to EU drone evidence

Holders of an RPA-L certificate must undergo an additional understanding component before one can look for Proof of Completion (flight ticket A1/A3 subcategory) and perhaps a Certificate of Validity (A2 subcategory trip ticket). This transposition ought to happen prior to 1 January 2022.

There is still conversation about various other opportunities that existing RPA-L holders might receive after a conversion course at the various training organizations in the Specific group, for instance when it concerns STS or PDRA operations.

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