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Headwall Photonics Hyperspec cameras for remote sensing

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Headwall Hyperspec, Nano-Hyperspec, and CoAligned VNIR-SWIR sensors are ideal for remote-sensing applications, whether in the lab, in the field, in the air, or even in space. We offer turnkey packages, payloads, or sensors alone. Contact us to find out if we have your ideal system in an off-the-shelf solution. Our systems feature optimized SWaP, aberration-corrected design, wide FOV, and scientific-grade data acquisition. They are in use by thousands of customers every day.

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7 Reasons to Buy a Headwall System

You want high-quality data to help you solve difficult problems. That’s why you decided to buy a hyperspectral instead of a multispectral imaging system: hundreds of spectral bands can better distinguish plant species, surface mineral deposits, or subtle changes to the environment over time.

You want years of reliable performance, while also providing intuitive operation. You want to plan your mission without worrying about whether your tools will work in the field.

1. History of Industry-Leading Products

Headwall is world’s leading supplier of high-performance hyperspectral imaging systems for use in the lab, in the field, in the air, and even in space. For over 40 years, we have focused on building high-performance products that work reliably.

2. Thousands of Products used by Millions of Customers

We build products that are used by millions of people every day, from OEM components and subassemblies to fully integrated instrument systems designed to work right out of the box. 

3. Extensively Characterized, Calibrated, and Tested

Each product we sell is fully tested, many with NIST-traceable sources and environmental chambers, to ensure that they will work when called upon. In fact, we take a leadership role in developing industry radiometric standards for hyperspectral imaging instrumentation. Our Turnkey UAV packages work out of the box—each system is flight-tested with the very payload you have selected.

4. Training Ensures Success

Our instrumentation solutions come with training at our facilities as permitted, as well as access to a library of documentation and tutorials, including video instruction.

5. Highest Standards for Service & Support

We service and support customers such as NASA and the USDA, as well as universities and research institutions across the globe who rely on Headwall to make knowledgeable recommendations on the maintenance and use of our products.

6. Track Record of Published Excellence

Headwall and our customers have published or been cited almost 500 times in the past two years alone. And we have many prestigious awards to show for ground-breaking innovation such as the OSA Team Engineering Excellence award, Vision Systems Design Gold Innovators award, and the R&D 100 award.

7. Designed to be Used, not to Sit

Our products are designed to be used, not to sit on a shelf. Remote sensing often means travel to locations without every convenience. We have done this ourselves to places where batteries, generators, and access to computing mean the difference between success and failure. You can count on us to provide the right products so you can make the most of your opportunities.

That’s why customers come back to us and come to us after trying the competition. Our focus is on ensuring your success. 

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