SOMAG AG Jena GSM 4000

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The GSM 4000 is a Gyro Stabilization Mount for large format airborne sensor systems. Equipped with high-precision built-in sensors, the GSM 4000 is designed to detect vehicle movements to automatically compensate for roll, pitch and yaw motions in real-time. The Mount ensures the payload remains in a levelled position for the best data acquisition quality.

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The GSM 4000 is the flagship of the airborne product line and was developed for large format sensors. SOMAG’s largest three-axis gimbal features a hydraulic gimbal system, making the Mount very powerful. The GSM 4000 stabilizes payloads up to 120 kg with a self-weight of only 29 kilogram. The control panel on the top of the mount guarantees a user-friendly handling. Via the USB port, the Mount can be connected to the SOMAG Mount Control App. In addition, the Aux Port interface is avabible for the GSM 4000 as well now. The Gyro Stabilization Platform offers a lift-up function for easy access to the camera lens or the bottom of the sensor. The Mount additionally provides a Passive Vibration Isolation Ring (PaVIR) to decouple high-frequency oscillations. The ring is adjusted to the respective payload weight.

The GSM 4000 is the successor to the world-renowned GSM 3000 and is 100% downward compatible with current GSM 3000 installations. If you want to exchange your GSM 3000 for a new GSM 4000, SOMAG offers a trade-in at special conditions.

The GSM 4000 is compatible for example with:

  • Aerial camera systems
  • Multispectral cameras
  • Hyperspectral cameras
  • LiDAR systems
  • Flight Management Systems
  • IMUs

In 2021, SOMAG AG Jena has completely revised the optional software features in order to align them even more closely with customer needs. The following software features are currently available for the GSM 4000:

  • Collision Avoidance (adjustment of mount movement range and working height in case of narrow installation condition)
  • Leveling Offset: adjustment of the Mount virtual horizon
  • End Stop Limits: adjustment of the Mount movement range incl. Block Axis (blocks one Mount axis)
  • Status/Analysis: logging and analyzing functions in SOMAG Mount Control App
  • IMU Installation Position on Vehicle Frame: adjustment of horizontal IMU position
  • Installation Direction: adjustment of Mount horizontal installation direction
  • AUX port: enables communication to 3rd party interface

Additional information

Year of initial development


Vibration isolation system

Passive Vibration Isolation Ring reduces vibrations drastically.Important because high frequency excitations of the airplane floor can cause serious damages to the sensitive sensor systems.



Am Zementwerk 8

07745 Jena




Typical applications

Adaptable to every LiDAR system, camera, scanner, geospatial data acquisition system in general.

Distinguishable features

USB Port, RS 232, SOMAG Mount Control App.

Max storage temp [°C]


Min storage temp [°C]


Max operating temp [°C]


Min operating temp [°C]


Max power consumption [W]


Typical power consumption [W]


Max input [V]


Min input [V]



Lift Up Function for an easy accessability to the bottom of the sensor.Includes 1 rotary knob, 2 Push-Buttons and LED's whichenable an easy use and handling.

Residual deviation of the vertical axis [°rms]*


Stabilization System Type

Hydraulic Gimbal System

Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*


Residual angular rate of the horizontal axes [°/s rms


Yaw/Drift / [°]


Roll [°]


Pitch [°]


Sensor compatibility

Adaptable with every sensor, Downward compatible to GSM 3000.

Usable diameter [mm]


Payload weight (max) [kg]


Platform weight [kg]


Platform height [mm]


Platform width [mm]


Platform length [mm]


Operation Area


Applied Standards

RTCA DO-160-G, EUROCAE-14G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery