Parcel delivery by means of drones is on the brink of breaking. The hardware is prepared, slowly but surely there will be a shot in the regulations, and the very first company cases are likewise turning up. It lacks excellent hardware independent software with which drone shipment can be collaborated. FlytBase wishes to change that with the brand-new software application platform FlytZip.


The drone sector is changing at an unmatched rate. So far, the one-pilot one drone model is the most typical, with the drone likewise always flying in sight. However the future is up to one-pilot multi-drones, where the drones will also fly out of sight (BVLOS). Just then are brand-new applications such as drone delivery, or the transportation and delivery of bundles by drone.

In order to handle all that, there is a lot of requirement for software application for objective preparation and fleet management. And, of course, in the case of drone shipment, there should likewise be a logistical part because software application. Ideally in such a way that the software application can be seamlessly integrated into existing logistics chains. That’s precisely what US developer FlytBase’s brand-new software application platform FlytZip uses, according to journalism release:

“FlytZip is a budget friendly, ready-to-use and hardware agnostic software application that enables (‘operators’) ready-to-use or tailor-made drones to their control panel can add and perform several deliveries at the exact same time. Operators have full administrative control over all shipments from start to finish: they can add and manage a set of planners, authorize and alter orders, configure different delivery points for numerous parcels deliveries, screen drone telemetry, and far more. Various flight safety actions can also be set up, such as pre-flight checks, failsafes and geofences for each shipment mission.”

With a view to embedding the software in the logistics systems of the client is likewise supplied with a relate to existing stock and ERP systems. FlytZip likewise provides facilities for integration with unmanned traffic management systems (UTM) and supporting hardware such as docking stations and clever storage boxes. In addition, FlytZip can manage unique peripherals such as winches and grippers.

Future music

Unfortunately, logistics provider can instantly begin working with FlytZip in our parts: the policies are just not ready yet and U-space is still in its infancy. Not to start about the public approval of parcel shipment drones in the urban environment. In these respects, FlytZip still seems like far-off future music.

Drone shipment is currently being experimented in various sectors, such as the medical drone of PostNL and ANWB and the overseas shipment strategies from Droneport Eemshaven. As soon as such efforts concern fulfillment, things can go fast. Maybe by that time FlytZip can play a role to additional fully grown drone shipment.