The American company FLIR has released a thermal zoom camera that can be used in combination with the Matrice 200 V2 series and DJI’s M300 RTK. The FLIR Vue TZ20 offers two sensors, with a large and a small angle of view. In addition, it is possible to zoom in up to 20x. The payload is intended for inspection work, security applications and rescue work.

Vue TZ20

FLIR was not an unknown name for users of professional DJI systems. A few years ago, DJI in collaboration with FLIR released a thermal camera, the Zenmuse XT, which was later succeeded by the Zenmuse XT2. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual also included a FLIR sensor. After that, the relationship between FLIR and DJI cooled, with the result that the Zenmuse H20T camera no longer contains a thermal imaging sensor from FLIR.

With the introduction of the Vue TZ20, users of an M200 V2 series or M300 RTK drone have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest developments from the FLIR stable. For example, the TZ20 offers two Boson sensors: one with a large (95º) and one with a small (19º) angle of view, both with a resolution of 640×512 pixels. This way, the user can choose between a wide and narrow view.

More interesting is the ability to zoom up to 20x on the thermal imaging (5x optical, 4x digital). This way, the smallest details can be displayed, even at a greater distance. The user can choose from five zoom modes: 1x (95°), 2x, 5x, 10x, and 20x (4.5°). The camera is gimbalstabilized so that the subject always stays in the picture.

Control via DJI Pilot

Thanks to the integration via the Payload Software Development Kit (PSDK) and the DJI Skyport 2.0 platform, the camera can be fully controlled via the DJI Pilot app. The Vue TZ20 weighs only 640 grams and has an IP44 rating. The sensitivity is 85 mk. Images can be stored on two microSD cards. Video images are written in the MPG format, stills are TIFF files.

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