Do you have a clear vision of the further development of the European drone sector?

On which fronts should the EU give ample space to drones and their applications? How do you think about electric forms of manned aviation? Do you see options for parcel delivery drones? And if so, what should be done to make that happen? The European Commission would like to hear from you how you feel about the future of the drone sector.

Promoting Smart Mobility

The European Commission is calling on drone operators and other stakeholders active in the field of unmanned aviation to express their views on a 2.0 drone strategy for Europe to promote sustainable and smart mobility. The roadmap is open for 4 weeks for feedback from 4 the EU must ensure a safe and efficient development of a drone ecosystem. In its strategy for sustainable and smart mobility, the Commission announced its plan to adopt a drone strategy 2.0 in 2022 to develop drones into a vector for the smart and sustainable mobility of the future.

This initiative aims to enable drones to contribute through digitization and automation to a new range of sustainable services and transport, taking into account possible civil/military technological synergies.

“The development of drone services (unmanned aircraft systems), supported by a competitive industry, can strongly support Europe’s dual transition to a green and digital economy and contribute to the recovery after COVID-19 and the future resilience of the EU economy. From daily commuting to work, goods delivery to the proper functioning of global supply chains and the development of a broad spectrum of new applications and services, drones are an engine of our economic and social lives.

The European Green Deal, as the new growth strategy for the EU, calls for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of digitization. In this context, the transport system as a whole must be made smart and sustainable, using electric and hydrogen powered aircraft. The Communication on the European Green Deal announced a strategy for sustainable and smart mobility, which was adopted by the Commission in December 2020.

In its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the Commission announced its intention to adopt a drone strategy 2.0 in 2022 to increase the full potential of drones to contribute to the maintenance of a well-functioning single market. Drone applications can also contribute strongly to the digital transformation of many companies that contribute to Europe’s digital strategy goals. Promoting civil/defence synergies in this critical technology area is an important factor in achieving these goals.”


This roadmap is open for feedback for 4 weeks. Feedback is included in the further development and fine-tuning of the initiative. The Commission will summarize the input received in a synopsis report explaining how the input will be taken over and, if applicable, why certain suggestions cannot be adopted.