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Kongsberg Maritime EA440 Sidescan Sonar

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EA440 is a high performance hydrographic wide band single beam echo sounder. The echo sounder is developed for hydrographic use in shallow to medium depth waters. It also supports portable and hull mounted sidescan sonar survey.

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EA440 features

  • High performance hydrographic depths from 30 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Sidescan sonar application from 100 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Sub-bottom profiler application from 10 kHz to 30 kHz
  • Available with high power output from 30 kHz to 50 kHz
  • Extensive range of transducer interfaces, both Kongsberg transducers and thirdparty transducers
  • Splash proof all-in-one hardware setup available
  • CW and FM pulse forms
  • True raw data logging
  • World class bottom detection
  • Map display to track your coverage

EA440 sidescan sonar surveys

Specially designed transducers for hull or over-the-side mounting are available from Kongsberg Maritime for sidescan operation. The operating frequency is 120, 200 or 500 kHz. With a beam width of 50 degrees vertically and only 0.5 or 2 degrees horizontally the scanning sector is narrow enough to resolve relatively small objects on the sea floor, but wide enough to allow higher survey speeds than with conventional side looking echo sounders. Bottom elevations and objects are immediately recognized in the EA440 echogram.

The EA440 sidescan sonar transducers occupy 2 of 4 WBT channels. The EA440 system allows for combined application with depths and/or sub-bottom profiling.

Sonar Mosaic is a Kongsberg Maritime software tool for real-time or postprocessed creation of georeferenced mosaic of the sidescan sonar data. Sonar mosaic will read EA440 sidescan sonar raw data or XTF data and create a georeferenced mosaic of the files. The mosaic can then be saved as geotiff files for further use and visualization of the sidescan data.


EA440 SIdescan Sonar Application Note

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Additional information

Year of introduction


System type

Stand alone

Mode of operation

Single frequency

Model name

EA440 wideband transceiver

Min. AC power [V]


Max. AC power [V]


Min. DC power [V]


Max. DC power [V]


Deployment methods

Hull or pole mounted transducers

Min. frequency [kHz]


Max. frequency [kHz]



Easy-to-use sidescan sonar system for shallow water applications


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