The Netherlands-based service provider of safety options Bavak Security Group has ended a contract with the French business Azur Drones pertaining to the distribution as well as advertising and marketing of a drone box system for surveillance objectives. What is special is that the drone box functions completely autonomously: there is no demand for a drone pilot. There must initially be an innovation in the area of regulation.

Skeyetech drone-in-a-box

The remedy concerned worries the Skeyetech drone-in-a-box system. It is a computerized system that can be effortlessly integrated with existing safety and security monitoring systems, such as those utilized in the surveillance of port areas, power plants, refineries and other kinds of essential framework.

In case of a disaster, the drone box opens, after which the drone will take polar elevation at the specified area. The pictures that the drone takes– both optical and also thermal– are transferred live to the monitoring space. It is likewise possible to have the drone fly an evaluation round independently every so often, supposed perimeter patrols. In both situations, there is no demand for a drone pilot to act: the system is totally automated. The remote driver does not require to have any kind of special skills or drone license to run the system.

‘Ideal for huge websites’

critical parts of the drone have been redundant for safety and security functions. The drone has eight props, rather of four. An emergency parachute is likewise given. In France, this has actually led Azur Drones to be the initial provider in Europe to put the independent drone box with end users. To name a few things, the system is made use of to safeguard the port location near Dunkirk.

“A drone service like this one is excellent for applications where fixed video camera systems are falling short, such as when keeping an eye on large sites. The Azur Drones system has verified itself in method as well as has been running for numerous business in France as well as the Middle East for over a year, “claims Bavak director Jasper Weijman.”We are discussing an’ autonomous’protection camera in the air that instantaneously provides the appropriate pictures in every scenario. In situation of an alarm, a drone on a 300 ha site will get on website within 3 mins.”

Lawful structure

The objective is that the drone box will certainly be marketed both in the Netherlands and in various other countries. To this end, a lot still requires to be regulated in the area of policy. Weijman: “There is no lawful structure in the Netherlands for flying around self-governing drones without a pilot standing beside it. Although there is an exemption in the making for drone boxes with drones approximately 1 kg, this is not adequate for this application. As an industry, we can’t wait on the government. With this action, we want to place some added pressure on the boiler.”

The intent is that the system will certainly be used to customers from 1 January 2021. “With impact from that date, new European regulations will use, which will allow these sorts of operations in the basic way. This is the starting point for the proper authorizations. As soon as that is complete, the first flying security video cameras, regulated from a control room, can go into the skies,” claims Weijman.



order to make sure that end-users in the Netherlands can utilize the drone box asap, the aid of Denise Eikelenboom (Public Air Services), professional in the field of BVLOS monitoring trips with drones was hired. will certainly work as the driver of the drones needed for the license. Eikelenboom: “It is very great to enable such an application of drones this way. With the cooperation with Bavak, we with each other unburden the consumers who such as to make use of flying cameras to safeguard crucial sites.”