Phase One Drone Solution

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A fully integrated and powerful drone solution offering easy and safe aerial access to challenging areas, a larger surface coverage in a single flight, higher resolution images, and an opportunity to acquire aerial data with a cost-effective and efficient tool. Phase One’s Drone Solution combines state-of-the-art hardware and software components, including integration of either the iXM100MP and iXM50MP digital aerial camera and a choice of 4 RSM lenses.

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Phase One’s  drones solution opens the door to new mission types and applications. Whether for inspection projects or for photogrammetry, map-making and homeland security purposes, the combination of the M600 PRO and a Phase One iXM 50MP or 100MP aerial camera enable users to offer professional results, higher quality of images, larger coverage of the surface in shorter time – without any risks.

Combines state-of-the-art hardware and software components:

Phase One Medium Format Camera Kit

  • The Phase One camera kit – iXM 100MP or iXM 50MP metric cameras – have a choice of four RSM lenses. With their small size and weight, these cameras are easily integrated into DJIM600 PRO, providing users with the advantages and high quality of medium-format cameras

Phase One new iX Capture Mobile Application

  • A uniquely designed assisting application for iOS, enabling remote management of the camera. The application enables complete and easy control of the camera via DJI’s remote control system, with an intuitive and friendly user interface.

  • Video streaming
  • Auto or manual capture settings to determine the values of the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  • Auto capture mode to enable image capturing by waypoints, fix distance, or by time intervals
  • Focus distance
  • Flight plans upload
  • Camera control via DJI Lightbridge’s two dials

Various flying platform options.

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Additional information

Typical applications

Inspection, Monitoring, Mapping, Civil Engineering

Type of Camera

iXM100 or iXM50


Phase One

Roskildevej 39

DK-2000 Frederiksberg



Phase One

Additional information on software or automatically generated products

Phase One’s new iX Capture Mobile application – a uniquely designedassisting application for iOS, enabling remote management of thecamera, The application allows complete and easy control of thecamera via DJI’s remote control system, with an intuitive and friendlyuser interface.

Type of software included

Flight planning

Sensor control


Sensor tilting to allow oblique views




Build-in Stablilsation


Additional Sensors and additional information

Ronin MX Gimbal, DJI on board IMU

Onboard imaging/scanning devices

RGB Camera, NIR Camera

Year of last update


Autonomous emergency landing


Collision avoidance systems (CAS)


Training provided


Automatic launch and landing


Launching method

Vertical Take-Off & Landing

Max. humidity [%]


Max. wind speed [m/sec]


Max. operation temperature [°C]


Min. operation temperature [°C]




Product Name

iXM UAV Solution