A photo has surfaced of what appears to be a prototype zoom lens for DJI’s Zenmuse X7 camera. This camera is compatible with the Inspire 2 and is especially loved by high-end filmmakers because of the good image quality that the 35mm sensor delivers. Currently, however, only lenses with a fixed focal length are available for the Zenmuse X7.

18-33 mm DL mount

The Zenmuse X7 was released about a year after the release of the Inspire 2. Soon, the camera grew into the tool of choice for professional media makers. The 35mm sensor has a dynamic range of no less than 14 stops, is very light-sensitive and can store images in 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes.

In order to change lenses, DJI developed its own lens mount: the DL mount. In total, DJI released four lightweight lenses for the X7, each with a fixed focal length of 16, 24, 35 or 50 mm. The lenses are praised for their image quality, but there is one drawback: the drone must always go to the ground during a shoot as soon as the lens has to be changed.

This may be a thing of the past soon After all, a photo of a lens with a DL mount and the imprint ’18-33′ has surfaced. This could indicate the introduction of a zoom lens for the Zenmuse X7, with a focal length that can be continuously adjusted between 18 mm (wide) and 33 mm (medium telephoto). A video maker who wants to change the zoom factor during a recording will no longer have to bring the drone to the ground, but can easily change the focal length from the DJI GO 4 app.

Future for DL mount

is Unknown if and when the lens is on market comes and if so, what the selling price would be. But if the 18-33 mm zoom does indeed appear on the market, it could also mean that DJI sticks to the DL mount in front of the camera of any Inspire 3, as it does not make sense to introduce a new lens for a system that is almost end of life…