Dronemaker DJI released a substantial firmware upgrade for the industrial Matrice 300 RTK drone that was presented last summer season. The Zenmuse H20 cam, the Smart Controller Enterprise, the Battery Station as well as even the batteries have likewise been updated. The upgrade fixes different bugs and includes new performances.

New Features

The DJI M300 RTK is DJI’s most innovative drone to day. In mix with the Zenmuse H20 gimbal, the drone is preferably suited for evaluations in commercial setups, protection objectives and also search & rescue applications. The system is defined by a lengthy trip time, barrier detection around and also the use of AI to be able to track a relocating topic, as an example.

Considering that its launch, DJI has been striving on further renovations in the field of the software application that manages the drone. Thanks to the August 2020 firmware update, countless bugs will certainly be fixed as well as brand-new features are included. As an example, tablets from other suppliers can now be made use of in combination with the Smart Controller and brand-new display screen choices have been applied. The zoom level can additionally now be changed with one of the rotating wheels.

Various other improvements Other improvements

have likewise been made. This protects against the Zenmuse H20T’s IR video camera from being damaged by straight exposure to sunlight: as quickly as the video camera detects expensive light intensity, the electronic camera shutter is instantly closed. Additionally, the drone will certainly no longer instantly shoot in Atti mode if the GPS signal fails: RTK will certainly then be utilized as a backup.

See the explanatory notes on the DJI Enterprise site for a comprehensive review of all adjustments. The video clips listed below demonstrate how to update the firmware of both the drone as well as the H20 video camera.