Through firmware update V3 for the Matrice 300, dronemaker DJI has added a series of brand-new privacy options and functions in the field of data security. Future updates can be done completely offline and it is possible to secure the information stored on the onboard SD card. Users also get more control over how the drone is linked to remote servers.

Enhanced data security

The M300 RTK is presently the flagship in DJI’s Enterprise series drones. The gadget provides a long flight time, obstacle detection in all directions and can be geared up with sophisticated cameras for examination and security purposes. The device is for that reason popular with both business operators and governments.

To resolve the continuous issues concerning privacy and data security, DJI has actually launched a brand-new software upgrade for the device. It’s about firmware variation v03.00.01.01.

One of the brand-new functions concerns the possibility to perform all updates offline in the future, so without the drone or controller needing to be linked to the internet. After v03.00.01.01, the updates can be performed from an SD card inserted into the controller or drone.

Another new function in the field of data security concerns the addition of a Restricted Network Mode. In this mode, only the map view, RTK, and live broadcast features of the M300 can call a remote server. No other information traffic is possible

. Users who do not want the drone to contact the outside world at all can allow Local Data Mode. To much better secure the information kept on the drone itself, it is now possible to allow SD card encryption. Each time the drone is turned on, the user should first go into a security code in order to access the images on the memory card.

A last brand-new feature in the field of data protection concerns Delete All Device Data, which erases all logs, information and settings of both drone, controller and payload all at once.

New Features

The software application update likewise brings other new functions. It is now possible to have the drone immediately take a 360º shot of the environment. There are likewise improvements in the field of flight behavior and the way in which the return to house (RTH) function works. In addition, the maximum flight height of the drone can now be set to 1,500 meters, supplied that it removes at least 50 km far from an airport.