The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is organising a special day on March 31, during the closing day of ADW Hybrid, on the future of unmanned aviation in the Netherlands. During the NL Drone Day, a variety of experts from both government and business will address current questions about the increasing role of drones and UAVs in Dutch airspace. Drone pilots are welcome to join in discussions and get free entry.

Action Plan

The special Dutch day during the fourth edition of the world’s largest international drone conference will be opened by Jaco Stremler, Director of Aviation at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Stremler reveals his ministry’s ambitions in the field of unmanned aviation and also kicks off the main topic of the morning: the Unmanned Aviation Action Plan 2022-2023. This action plan is valid for the next two years and will be explained by various experts from the Ministry.

Representatives of the Directorate General for Aviation and Maritime Affairs provide insight into the plans and are happy to discuss the implementation with the sector. Topics that will be addressed are the new controlled airspace for drones (U-space) and regulation and financing of the fast-growing sector. But there is also room for a number of promising pilots and test locations such as the port of Rotterdam.

Dutch Drone Council

The afternoon of NL Drone day is partly dedicated to the Dutch Drone Council. This is an initiative for structural cooperation within the Dutch drone sector to jointly guide developments in the drone field. During the previous edition of ADW Hybrid, the sector has expressed the wish that government, business and knowledge institutions will work closely together. The past year has been working on an exploration for setting up the Council. The results will be announced on 31 March.

Drone Manifest 2.0

Later in the afternoon it becomes Drone Manifest 2.0 presented by a number of municipalities. After all, drones are becoming a topic for municipalities that they have to deal with more and more. Several municipalities have joined forces and are calling on other municipalities to become aware of the impact of drones and proceed to action.

Representatives of Dutch Drone Delta then enter into discussion about Urban Air Mobility, or the desire of more and more cities to illuminate the crowded infrastructure on the ground by adding a third dimension above the city: the airspace. Followed by a conversation about agreements between manned and unmanned aviation: who is in charge of saying in the air? The NL Drone Day will end with a presentation of the Environment and Transport Inspection (ILT).

About Amsterdam Drone Week

ADW Hybrid and the EASA High Level Conference on Drones will take place from 29 to 31 March 2022. During the three-day event there will be an extensive program with the main theme:. The event remains hybrid, which means it can be accessed live and online. Matchmaking will also be possible live and online.