As an outcome of changed regulations, decentralized federal governments are significantly dealing with drones. This raises the needed questions from local policy makers, administrators and politicians. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for that reason released a brochure that describes the brand-new regulations in basic, with extra attention to local elements.

Explanation of policies

European drone guidelines make sure that drones can be utilized more and more quickly in the built-up environment. This creates brand-new possibilities in the field of home assessments, media production, security applications and usage by emergency situation services.

At the exact same time, there are also less positive sides to discuss this advancement. For example, privacy invasion by drones is a growing headache file and also security and interruption are styles that play when using drones in the metropolitan environment.

What about the guidelines in the primary line? What tools do decentralized federal governments need to regulate drone flying at the local level? Who is accountable for enforcement? These and other concerns are addressed in the sales brochure “EU Regulations for Drones”, which was released by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.


The sales brochure can be downloaded totally free of charge by means of this link. The material of the sales brochure was produced in cooperation with Dronewatch.