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Geoscanners AB BA-500 GPR borehole antenna

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Borehole antennas are used to extend the amount of information one can get from a drilled borehole.
By collecting GPR data with a borehole antenna one can observe and interpret the obtained data showing the media around the borehole at a certain depth.

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BA-500 is a GPR borehole antenna with mid frequency operating bandwidth for applications requiring access to the features via a nearby borehole. Clean signal and higher penetration, packaged into a smaller and more compact casing, surpass the similar solutions from any of our competitors. BA-500 is an ideal complement for companies surveying marble quarries, salt mines or any other application requiring borehole antennas with a good balance between the penetration and resolution.

The dimensions of the antenna where made industry friendly, meaning that after you get the standard drilling tool out you can easily push the antenna in the hole.
GPR information gathered in this way will reduce the overall number of holes needed for the final report, providing much more information than just drilling.

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