Exactly how did it all start? What was the reason to begin Delft Dynamics, and exactly how big was the team after that? And how many man/woman are you with now?

“It all began in 2001/2002. During that time, the 4 creators, as well as still the exact same 4 shareholders, met each various other from the research Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University in Delft. We founded the sole proprietorship Delft Dynamics and when the authorities (at the time KLPD) desired to buy a robotic helicopter (RH) from us, we started Delft Dynamics B.V. On 2 February 2006. At that time, the name drone was not yet in operation for unmanned flying systems.

In the

meanwhile, we have actually progressively grown to 10 guys at the moment. Yes, 10 males sadly … So if there are any girls who intend to join our team, we would like to hear that!”

What was the initial goal, and also just how has it altered over the years? What variables have added to that?” At first, we intended to focus on the development and also manufacturing of automobile pilots for little unmanned helicopters, as they were rarely or barely on the market, which made flying a small unmanned helicopter really user-friendly. Throughout the development and manufacturing of the first robotic helicopter, we likewise came into call with parties such as Defence, Rijkswaterstaat and also NLR. By doing this, we ended up extra in

the edge of( partially )paid research and development projects in the field of unmanned flying systems. In addition, in the very first couple of years, we also executed paid flights to accumulate photos and various other details with these robot helicopters as well as to show the added value. Over time, we observed that with our gathered knowledge as well as experience, we were specifically of added value in advancement jobs. Furthermore, in the very first 10 years of our existence, the market was absolutely not ripe for the decline of drones. In knowledge, we made a great option, although in the initial 10 years of our existence we additionally experienced a great deal of decrease in entrepreneurship. Fortunately, for the last 5 years, we have actually been functioning well and also we can look ahead favorably!”

How was it also feasible to (test) fly drones when there were no policies for that in all?

“Until 2011/2012, we were able to run our trips under the Model Flying Scheme. We have consequently been flying on the edge of the inner ring of the CTR of Rotterdam The Hague Airport near Delft-Zuid because 2004. Naturally, we are very delighted with the support from the numerous stakeholders, that have made this feasible for us up to and also consisting of today (LVNL, ILenT, TU Vastgoed, and so on).

We likewise hope to continue to clear up in Delft (or instant vicinity) in the coming years as well as we are presently looking tough to locate a whole lot, where we can set up a building, in which we can continue to expand in the coming years. Recommendations rate!”

How do you take care of the balance in between innovation/development as well as marketing/marketing?”Delft Dynamics B.V. is a modern technology research and development firm specialized in the area of little flying drones. We concentrate on carrying out R&D jobs, both client-driven and also own ideas/spearpoints, with the underlying goal of addressing useful problems. Advancements are safeguarded in culture by bringing the “gems” resulting from research right into the (inter) national market using separate spin-out companies, whether with other parties.

An example of this is DroneCatcher: a drone furnished with a shooting net, which can track and also record undesirable drones. Within a couple of weeks, we will establish DroneCatcher B.V. to make sure that we can properly address the significant demand for DroneCatcher systems with a group of individuals set up on it.”

What are the 5 innovations/products of Delft Dynamics that you are most happy with? And also why?

“I am really pleased with our endurance and also determination. We have a fantastic task, however as shown, we also had to fight for 10 years to survive as a business. Certainly, we ourselves have chosen to do it on our very own, without investors, and so all the more proud that we have procured to where we are today. Moreover, I boast of virtually every completed job and also effective examination, however to mention 5 highlights:

– The very first robotic helicopter (RH2 ‘Stern’) was successfully delivered to the police after 1.5 years of development and also this system was then deployed in January 2011 after the fire at Chemie-Pack in Moerdijk.

– The growth of the DroneCatcher system, with which we were the initial in the world in 2014 to be able to catch another (unwanted) drone with a web utilizing a drone and with which we also won a NATO honor.
– Winning the Defence Innovation Competition 2018 with the U-Drone project, where we can do indoor expeditions by means of a wired drone (for example in corridor systems).
– Winning numerous SBIR tenders, in which we established, for example, the ASIMOV system in 2013/2014, wherein a drone can be deployed promptly instantly from a drone box on a protection car.
– And lately the endurance examination of an RH3 ‘Swift’ robot helicopter, which had not a problem hanging in hover for virtually 3 hours in full rainfall with a consumption of only 1 litre of fuel per hour!

Yet ultimately, I am most pleased with our team at Delft Dynamics, that eventually make it happen and, of course, in collaboration with all complying and also complying partners and also clients.”

What are one of the most important three lessons you found out as a business owner in the (Dutch) drone industry?

“That’s a pretty hard question. We began ‘too early’ later on. The marketplace was not ripe for it at the time, but still we found a niche market, which grew larger as well as bigger. So, firstly, make certain you can identify yourself from other celebrations as a drone entrepreneur. This can of course be by placing an one-of-a-kind item in the market, by being able to accomplish extremely special trips, yet of course also by marketing unique expertise, for example.

You need to have a lot of determination. Do not let you get off your course too promptly, however try to find critical people around you, that you trust and keep you on your toes.

And thirdly, it is excellent to occasionally take a few days away as a business owner from the day-to-day organization and also enable on your own the time to take a vital look at yourself and also your firm. I myself observe that due to the stress of daily job, you sometimes do not enable yourself the time to take a look at your own company as an ‘outsider’, while that is very valuable!”

Exactly how do you think about the new EASA laws? What are you positive or adverse concerning?

“To be honest, we have actually not explored the information of this brand-new regulation enormously. Thanks to this system (Dronewatch), we obtain sufficient and also filtered info and also obviously we get the vital explain of it. In my sight, the intention of the law is fine, but I am extremely dissatisfied in the slowness of the Dutch federal government to make clear the way of transition from national to European policies. It is still unclear just how this need to happen in this year.”

Can you light up an idea of the veil when it involves upcoming technologies?

“That is the thrill of our profession: continually looking for new, fascinating concepts about using drones. And also no, undoubtedly I can’t share all the ideas and developments, yet it will not sound unusual that we will additionally contribute in the release of drone flocks. Making use of drones to support the KNRM, for instance, is additionally high up on our checklist. In the Netherlands we are just one of the very first events to have actually created drone boxes and also because edge we will certainly additionally be executing a number of new developments in the coming duration.


additionally really hope that we can give our TugDrone job, commissioned by and in collaboration with KOTUG, a large boost in the coming year. As well as that understands, in the year of our 15th wedding anniversary, we’ll fly 15 x 15 minutes directly with our RH3 ‘Swift’ robot helicopter (under 15 kg!).

As discussed, we will quickly be establishing DroneCatcher B.V., where we will certainly also perform serial production. That is why we are trying to find a new building to continue to execute R&D activities from Delft Dynamics B.V. along with the manufacturing as well as extra business procedures for spin-out business such as DroneCatcher B.V.”

What will Delft Dynamics stand in 5 years, do you think?

“I expect Delft Dynamics to expand steadily as well as in 5 years will probably have actually doubled in regards to number of employees. Furthermore, a variety of spin-out firms will have been established, which will certainly therefore concentrate more on marketing the products established from Delft Dynamics, whether or not together with various other events. We currently have the opportunity to carry out this and also the marketplace seems to be all set also, so we will certainly take place energetic!”