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AquapHOx-Transmitters: for real-time O2, pH & T underwater measurements

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Combined with PyroScience´s high-speed sensors, the real-time AquapHOx data transmitters are ideal tools for ultra-fast water column profiling or eddy covariance measurements. They are available as single analyte shallow water and flexible deep-sea multi-analyte transmitters. The titanium-housed deep-sea device allows to measure O2, pH, T successively down to 4,000 m depth. A standard RS485 interface provides robust communication even at cable lengths up to several 100m.

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For advanced underwater applications, PyroScience recently launched the unique all-in-one AquapHOx platform for monitoring critical parameters and their dynamics underwater; in open ocean, the deep sea, coastal ecosystems, rivers, lakes and water bodies. The revolutionary AquapHOx technology comprises various products like single analyte shallow water and multi-analyte (O2, pH, T) deep sea transmitters with real-time data transmission for ultra-fast water column profiling or eddy covariance measurements.. The flexible deep-sea multi-analyte transmitter APHOX-TX features a titanium housing for operation down to 4000 m water depth and one optical channel compatible to various optical O2, pH, and temperature sensor formats with proprietary underwater connector. Besides minimal invasive high speed and ultra-high speed micro- and minisensors, screw cap miniprobes, smart contactless sensor solutions (flow-through cells, sensor spots with contactless read-out), they include also pH and oxygen sensor caps for different ranges and for high speed O2 measurements. This sensor portfolio offers unmatched flexibility for multiple applications, including:

  • fastest O2 measurements for water column profiling and Eddy covariance measurements,
  • the most sensitive trace O2 measurements in oxygen minimum zones or de-oxygenation events,
  • sensitive measurements of ocean pH on the total scale even under harsh deep-sea conditions with neglectable impact of salinity,
  • contactless read-out of incubations chambers with integrated sensors and
  • profiling over surface structures, in sediments and along gradients at high spatial resolution.

Simply exchange the sensor head, choose between different analytes (pH, O2 or T) and sensor formats and deploy the all-in-one transmitter down to 4000m water depth.

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Field of Use

Oceanography, Underwater Measurements in various oceanic and aquatic habitats like open ocean, the deep sea and coastal ecosystems




PyroScience GmbH

Hubertusstr, 35




PyroScience GmbH

Resolution [pH]


Range [pH]


pH sensor type

optical pH sensors (fiber-based and contactless)

Response time [sec]


Oxygen sensor type

various exchangeable optical oxygen sensor formats

Max. operating depth [m]


Max. operating temperature [°C]


Length [m]


Sensor type

Optical Oxygen and pH sensors, various sensor formats and analyte ranges

Width [m]


Weight in air [kg]


Output interface {eg. rs232}

USB 2.0


Workbench software included

Dedicated software


Operating System

Workbench software included for read-out of Logger with Windows PC

RAM memory [GB]

included 4GB data storage

Year of latest version


Area of Application

Stand-alone long-term logging and monitoring in aquatic habitats