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The APACHE 6 USV is a fully-integrated innovative solution for 3D bathymetric survey, underwater object positioning, offshore construction, underwater archaeology and wrecked rescue. Built around a triple-hulled vessel design and optimized for the Norbit multibeam echosounder series, the APACHE 6 provides a fully-autonomous survey mode powered by the field-proven CHCNAV absolute straight-line technology to follow pre-determined course even in adverse current conditions.

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Key Features

Lightweight design: APACHE 6 is made of macromolecule polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass (weighting 15 kg without sensors). It allows two operators to cope with most of the remote deployment conditions.

Triple-hulled vessel design: With a detachable triple-hulled vessel design, the APACHE 6  is a versatile USV solution allowing safe deployment in various mission environment. Its dual floating bodies keep the hull balanced even in the rapid current situation. Meanwhile, removing the floating bodies allows operation in shoals, channels and shallow rivers without run aground.

Absolute linear technology: APACHE 6 integrates high precision positioning and heading technology to maintain a perfect straight sailing course even in complex current conditions.

iLiDAR Laser Sensor (optional): In addition to its multibeam echosounder, the APACHE 6 can be fitted with the Lidar sensor to collect terrestrial 3D point cloud. With 300 000 points per second at a 30×360 degree coverage, the iLiDAR provides an accurate combined marine and terrestrial 3D survey in a single pass saving significant processing time when performing harbor and river surveys with height clearance evaluation (transmission lines, bridges, …).

The APACHE 6 is powered with high-performance dual propeller system ensuring a stable constant automatic cruise speed of up to 2.5m/s (7.6 fps). The survey projects can also be completed in manual mode using the APACHE 6 remote control panel over 2 km distance.

The CHCNAV Auto Planner® software is used to set up optimal navigation route planning and monitor the survey operation parameters in real time. The echosounder parameters are set via an intuitive web interface and the final multibeam data acquired during the survey processed by QINSy® software to generate high resolution accurate 3D maps.

The APACHE 6 multibeam USV reduces survey time, improves work efficiency and outputs high-resolution data to always match the most demanding marine survey project requirements.

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Additional information

Min. weight of USV in air [kg]



Propeller with Metal paddle


CHC Navigation, CHCNAV

599 Gaojing Road, Building D

201702 Shanghai



CHC Navigation, CHCNAV

Distinguishable features

triple hull design, Ladar carrier, Multi beam solution, Absolute linear technology


Bathymetry, Offoshore construction, Pier inspection, Dam site selection

Type of Communication

Network bridge wireless

Endurance at nominal power [hr]

2-3 hours

Propulsion Power


Energy Source


Payload sensors - optional

Specfic ADCP, Side Scan, Sub-bottom Profiler

Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]


Payload sensors - standard


Operational Area

Inland river, River bank, Coast, Offshore

Max. speed [kn]


Number of thrusters


Draft [m]


Height [m]


Width [m]


Length [m]